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The Michael B. Jordan workout plan for Creed combined boxing, weight training and cardio circuits. Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness both interviewed Jordan to get his details. Jordan stars in the most popular “Rocky” franchise movie, since Rocky IV. Michael B. Jordan talks about how his workout plan changed his life.

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Jordan told Men’s Fitness he works out at Mansion Fitness in West Hollywood. Michael B. Jordan says he trains with (former boxer) Corey Calliet. His trainer talks about Jordan’s transformation into Adonis “Donnie” Johnson Creed (the son of Apollo Creed), saying:

The moment we knew we succeeded in the transformation was when Sly Stallone came in, checked him out and was like, WOW!

Starring in Friday Night Lights and The Wire required a decent body. Playing a superhero in Chronicle demanded an even better physique. But, taking over the Rocky franchise was the ultimate fitness test. It meant getting to a whole new level.

Michael B. Jordan Workout Routine

Michael B. Jordan’s trainer took his workouts to a whole new level by mixing boxing workouts, with a traditional 3-Day Split. To become the son of Apollo Creed, transforming Jordan’s body was a tall order.

Michael B. Jordan’s workout routine was up to the task. In fact, Jordan gained 24 pounds for the role. In order to get in the best shape of his life for Creed, Jordan says:

We worked out all-day, every day for 4 to 5 months. Now, it’s down to 3 hours, split between lifting and cardio.

Michael B Jordan Creed Workout Routine Boxing

Chest & Triceps Routine

Michael B. Jordan’s Chest & Triceps routine starts by jogging 1 mile at a moderate pace. Men’s Fitness reports he then progresses into the chest and tricep exercises of his routine.

Treadmill / Jogging1 MileModerate Pace
Incline Bench Press310"Incline" or "Flat"
Dumbbell Flys312Squeeze at Top
Pushups1010-1xPyramid Style
Triceps Cable Pushdown312-15
Triceps Dumbbell Kickback312-15
Floor Dips312-15
Box Jumps220"30 sec rest"

Jordan had to stay dedicated to his daily routine. The entire 3-hour routine also included boxing, plyometrics, interval training and jump-roping. Your workout routine will get better over time, he says, as he talks about the benefits of sticking with your plan:

When things started getting a little easier, and you’re suddenly benching 225 pounds 10 times, and it ain’t nothing. Then, you start giving hugs to girls and they’re feeling you up. You start to think: This is all right!

Michael B Jordan Creed Showing Off Massive Chest Shoulders Biceps

Back & Biceps Routine

Michael B. Jordan was doing the Back & Biceps routine, the day Men’s Fitness came to interview him. After doing a set of Lat pulldowns, he said:

You gotta come correct. You can’t come half-a**ed. I put the hard work in.

Treadmill / Intervals1 Mile1 Min/1 MinSprint/Recover
Dumbbell Rows312Each Side
Lateral Pulldowns312Close-Grip
Bent-over Rows312Bent-Knee
Biceps Curls412Start Light
Hammer Curls312Go heavy
Barbell Curl312"Standing"
Speed Rope31 Min/30 secSpeed/Recover
Double Crunches325

Noting Jordan’s work ethic, fellow cast member Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa) says:

I’ve done this a few times. and, I think he was in better shape than I ever was!

Michael B Jordan Body Creed

Legs & Shoulder Routine

Michael B. Jordan’s Legs & Shoulder Routine:

Treadmill / Jogging1 MileModerate Pace
Leg Presses312
Walking Lunge330 SecEach Leg
Leg Extensions312Each Leg
Goblet Squat312
DB Shoulder Press312
Lateral Raise315
Box Jumps22030 sec rest
Bicycle Crunches325Abs
Bench Side Crunches325Abs

Michael B. Jordan’s trainer would mix in speed boxing moves while weight training. For example, after a heavy legs set they would put on the gloves and pads. In these sets, the goal is for Jordan to start slow. But, he quickly picks up speed.

This adds a cardio element into the middle of his workout plan. This mix of lifting/intervals is the best way to burn fat. Gaining muscle from heavy lifting is the primary goal. But, they always found time to get in some extra cardio. This helped chisel Michael B. Jordan’s body.

Michael B. Jordan Workout Tips

Michael B. Jordan’s workout tips include:

  • Lift Heavy
  • More Intensity
  • Wear What Motivates You
  • Find the Right Trainer

Lift Heavy

Despite having a personal trainer trying to push him, Jordan always wants to go harder. Jordan says about his trainer:

I like to tell him the weight is too light. Before I’m done with the rep count, he’s already getting me a heavier weight.

More Intensity

While it’s normally the other way around, Michael B. Jordan challenges his trainer. Getting his trainer to turn up the heat, Jordan demands more out of his own body.

Wear What Motivates You

If you look like a scrub, you’re bound to workout like one. But, the right gear will give you an advantage. Michael B. Jordan loves Nike apparel. Wearing the right workout gear motivates him to get to the gym, and perform at a high level. He’s also mastered the art of the hoodie while working out:

I tried all sorts of things. But, I like the hoodie because when you’re done, you get to take it off. It’s sort of an unveiling.

Find the Right Trainer

If you’re not getting the results you need, find the right trainer. For years, Michael B. Jordan wasn’t getting the results he wanted. Then, he met Corey Calliet (@Mrcalliet), and the rest is history. Jordan says:

Everybody’s trainer has their own little key. But, none of those worked for me. Until, I met this guy.

Boxing Circuits

Michael B. Jordan and his trainer would do a ton of boxing circuits to stay in shape and train for the movie. Here’s a video highlighting the bob-and-weave drill exercise:

Here’s the Mitt Drill routine:

For a more advanced version, check out Manny Pacquiao’s version of the Mitt Drill.

Pain is Temporary Pride is Forever

Boxing Circuit: 3 sets of each exercise (1 minute of rest after each entire set). Do one exercise, then move to the next.

Michael B. Jordan (via Instagram) talks about his journey, and gives the following workout advice to everyone:

Sometimes, you can’t see the destination. But, you do find out what you’re made of along the way. @MrCalliet has been sculpting me since the first day I walked into the gym. Tomorrow isn’t promised, and today is the youngest you will be for the rest of your life.

Michael B. Jordan Diet

Michael B. Jordan says his diet allowed for some cheat meals. This helped him maintain a strict diet the rest of the time. While some trainers go overboard in demanding 100% CONSISTENCY, Jordan credits his trainer with coming up with a diet he could live by.

Michael B Jordan chest abs

DietProteinCarb 1Carb 2Fat
Meal 16 Egg whites50g oats/rice2 Whole Eggs
Meal 2Protein Shake30g oats/rice(Recovery Drink)
Meal 312 oz. Chicken/Fish50g oats/rice1 cup veggies
Meal 412 oz. Chicken/Fish1 sweet potato1 cup veggies
Meal 5Protein Shake30g oats/rice(Recovery Drink)
Meal 612 oz. Chicken/Fish1 sweet potato1 cup veggiesNuts, Olive Oil

Being strict, but bearable in allowing some off-days, was the key to Jordan’s diet for Creed. Jordan’s trainer allowed a meal plan with 1 cheat day per week. He was allowed to eat whatever he wanted from Saturday evening to Sunday evening. Michael B. Jordan told Men’s Fitness:

My cheat days were incredible. French toast in the morning, Philly cheese steaks in the afternoon, Pizza for diner. I did cheat days right!

(Being in Philadelphia, Jordan says he got to eat a lot of Philly Cheese Steaks during his cheat day.)

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  1. Man it must be nice being able to workout as a job. That diet plan is pretty demanding for the average joe that has a ordinary job and maybe a family.

  2. Man it must be nice being able to workout as a job. That diet plan is pretty demanding for the average joe that has a ordinary job and maybe a family.

  3. Hey good job with the workout you got the workout so right that I was done it all in one day and after my muscles grew a week later I had a body like creed exactly like his. Thank you man.

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