Megan Fox Workout Diet: 5-Factor Workout Key To Success

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Megan Fox Workout Wednesday Routine

Here’s the Megan Fox Wednesday workout routine. Do each exercise listed for (4 sets of x 20 reps):

  • For Cardio, choose from: Running/ Jogging in place /Side Shuffles / Grapevines / Backwards running / Treadmill / Elliptical / Stair Jumps / Hill Climbing (5 min)
Wednesday Workout:
Cardio 15 mins0 secs
Dumbbell Bench Press4200 secsDo each exercise inCircuit #1
Dumbbell Pullover4200 secsthe circuit once,Circuit #1
Bicep curls into O/H press42060 secsthen repeat eachCircuit #1
Dumbbell Lunges4200 secsexercise 3 more timesCircuit #2
Jump squats42060 secsto reach 4 total setsCircuit #2
Reverse Crunches4200 secsThen, proceed to thisCircuit #3
Abdominal Twists42060 secsabs circuit #2Circuit #3
Cardio15-30min0 secsGo between 5-30 mins

megan fox workout chest

Harley Pasternack, Megan Fox’s trainer, says that training while Megan Fox was pregnant helped get her in shape faster:

 As she progressed from trimester to trimester, we’d modify things. As a result, she was so fit at the point of delivery that it actually went more easily and she was able to get medical clearance relatively quickly to come back and keep working out.

Megan Fox Workout Thursday Routine

For each exercise, Megan Fox would do 4 sets of 20 reps. She would do it in a nonstop circuit. This means do exercise #2 for 20 reps, then immediately go into exercise #3 for 20 reps. Go all the way, until you’ve completed each exercise in the circuit. Then, do the entire circuit 4 more times. Don’t rest between sets, but do rest for 1 minute after you do a circuit (1 set of each exercise).

Thursday Workout:

Here’s the Megan Fox Thursday workout routine. Do each exercise listed for (4 sets of x 20 reps):

Cardio Warm Up15 min0 secs
Dumbbell Bench Press4200 secsCircuit #1Do each exercise in
Seated Shoulder Press4200 secsCircuit #1the circuit once,
DB Hammer Curls42060 secsCircuit #1then repeat each
Dumbbell Tap Squats4200 secsCircuit #2exercise 3 more times
Skater's Lunges42060 secsCircuit #2to reach 4 total sets
Upper Body Crunches4200 secsCircuit #3Then, proceed to this
Dumbbell Lateral Flexions42060 secsCircuit #3abs circuit
Cardio Cool Down15-30min0 secsGo between 5-30 mins

megan fox workout abs body

Megan Fox does all sorts of ab exercises to sculpt her abs. Harley Pasternack has her work different ab muscles each day, mostly switching between upper abs, lower abs and obliques. The abdominal twists work both her upper abs and obliques, due to the rotations involved. Harley says:

It’s not just about crunch, crunch, crunch. It’s about working her body up and down and side to side and rotation. We train all three of her rectus adbominis, her obliques and her corset muscle to make sure that her abs are not just tight and strong, but small.

Megan Fox Workout Friday Routine

Here’s Megan Fox’s Friday workout routine. Do each exercise listed in the table for (4 sets of x 20 reps). Start with the warm up.

  • For “Cardio Warm Up” and “Cardio Cool Down”, choose from: Running/ Jogging in place /Side Shuffles / Grapevines / Backwards running / Treadmill / Elliptical / Stair Jumps / Hill Climbing (5 min)

megan fox workout2

Friday Workout:
Cardio 15 mins0 secs
Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows4200 secsCircuit #1Do each exercise in
Bicep curls into O/H press4200 secsCircuit #1the circuit once,
Triceps Extensions42060 secsCircuit #1then repeat each
Dumbbell Lunges4200 secsCircuit #2exercise 3 more times
DB Stiff-Legged Deadlift42060 secsCircuit #2to reach 4 total sets
Double Crunches4200 secsCircuit #3Then, proceed to this
Upward/Downward Dog410 each60 secsCircuit #3abs circuit
Cardio 15-30min0 secsGo between 5-30 mins

By doing one set of each exercise, then moving onto the next one, you keep your heart rate up. Keeping your heart rate up means you stay in fat-burning state. People who go the gym, and do 4 sets of the same exercise (non-circuit format) lose out. They rest too much, and their heart rate goes down. This takes them out of the fat-burning zone. The key that celebrity trainers have realized is that you never want to lower your heart rate. Keeping your heart rate in the fat-burning zone is how celebrities burn fat, while working out.

Keep Up The Intensity

The 5-Factor workouts are easy to follow because they are so simple. The key is to make sure you go at high intensity. Megan Fox didn’t go at full speed at first, but progressed and got better each week:

Definitely within a few weeks she was able to come back and workout. We didn’t start at full speed–we eased into it.  On the days she doesn’t want to see me, she does my video game, Harley Pasternak’s Hollywood Workout. I actually developed it for a lot of new mom clients from Jessica Simpson to Hillary Duff, Megan Fox, and Milla Jovovich.

Megan Fox worked her way up to these repetitions, you can start by doing less repetitions. Once you have the form down, keep up the intensity. Just make sure to keep your heart rate up by starting with cardio, and keeping your heart rate up during the resistance training.

Make sure to do the cardio cool down (and stretch), so that your body can flush out the toxins and prevent you from feeling sore the next day. You especially want to stretch your legs, as they are 60 percent of the muscles in your body.

Bump Up the Cardio

If you’re looking to lose weight, bump up the cardio. Harley says that instead of doing the 5 minute cardio cool down, he has his clients go for 30 minutes. This is all dependent on time. If you have the time and ability to do more cardio, by all means, do it!

megan fox workout legs

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