Medicine Ball Workouts: Get A Ripped Lean Body

medicine ball workouts

Medicine Ball Workouts

Here’s a great video on medicine ball workouts. It promises to deliver a ripped lean body. They’re a great way to stay in shape. They are easy to do at home, since all you need is a medicine ball.

medicine ball workouts

She uses a 12 pound medicine ball, but you can use a weight that is right for you.

  1. Squat Raise with Bicep Curl (optional Jump Squat)-10 reps
  2. Backward Lunge with Knee Lift Ball Twists-10 reps each side
  3. Floating Leg Back Rows-10 reps each side
  4. Tornado sideways Mountain Climbers-10 reps
  5. Canopy Jumps-10 reps
  6. Tricep Pushups-10 reps

Medicine Ball Workouts are great because they are low impact and work at any fitness level. Viktoria shows you six exercises to help strengthen your core, but, back, arms, and balance.

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    • it depends on your fitness level, and the weight of the medicine ball you’re using. Work your way up to 3 sets of each exercise. If using a lighter ball or if you have a high fitness level, you can even jump up to 4 sets of each exercise.

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