Marisa Miller Workout & Diet: Free Spirit Changes It Up


Marisa Miller Workout

The Marisa Miller Workout uses boxing, spinning, a healthy diet, and even paddleboarding to stay in supermodel shape. Boxing has totally pushed Marisa over the edge, in terms of fitness. Marisa Miller says her boxing workouts are the core of her fitness routine. The Marisa Miller workout is built for her free spirit. She has many exercises to do to stay fit.


Marisa has a few different workouts, and she changes it up to keep herself motivated.The Marisa Miller workout mixes boxing, spinning, paddleboarding, and resistance bands. She says most of her workouts last for about 1.5 hours.

Marisa Miller is currently fond of boxing and paddleboarding. She started boxing, while getting in shape for a cover shoot. The Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret model now says she’s addicted to her boxing workout. In addition, she love paddleboarding, because she grew up by the ocean in Santa Cruz.


Marisa Miller Workout Monday = Boxing Routine

Marisa Miller loves her boxing workout routine. The routine is total body–great for her arms, legs, cardio, and core. The Marisa Miller workout uses boxing, because of the intensity it brings to her workout. Marisa says she is not into things, like yoga or Pilates. Instead, she prefers a “high-intensity” workout.

Boxing Circuit: 2 sets of each (1 minute of rest between each set) for 3 minutes.

Marisa does ab crunches in between rounds, and does 50 squats afterward. About her boxing workout routine, Marisa Miller says:

I’m really happy that I started boxing and training. It’s changed my body. I’m a lot tighter. It helps having a trainer. He pushes me to a place I never would have been able to push myself. Mentally, it’s allowed me to open up, and go to a place I didn’t know I had inside me. It’s a really intense workout. You have to focus. By the time I leave, any stress or negative feeling I had when I walked in is gone!