Mario Lopez Workout & Diet: Motivated By Doing What He Enjoys

Mario Lopez Diet

The Mario Lopez diet is about eating the right kind of foods. In addition, Mario Lopez believes that you should never indulge, but rather eat in moderation. The exception is protein, as Mario Lopez says the best way to keep your metabolic, fat burning engine going, is to eat protein. The Mario Lopez diet includes the following protein:

  • seafood
  • beans
  • lean turkey and chicken breast
  • beef (find grass fed)
  • eggs
  • milk / muscle milk
  • whey protein
The Mario Lopez diet avoids protein from bacon, sausage, bratwurst, pepperoni, and anything fried. Regarding carbs, Mario Lopez again advises on finding the right ones. The Mario Lopez diet focuses on eating fruits, veggies and whole grains. Mario Lopez prefers:

  • quinoa
  • beans
  • all vegetables
  • steel-cut oatmeal
  • barley
  • buckwheat


While eating these healthy carbs, the Mario Lopez diet stays away from white bread, high-fructose corn syrup, rice cakes, sugar, flour, low-fiber cold cereal, and french fries.

Speaking of french fries, which the Mario Lopez diet avoids at all costs, there are actually healthy fats. The healthy fats that the Mario Lopez diet uses include:

  • wild salmon (most is now farmed)
  • olive oil
  • walnuts, almonds, pecans
  • canola oil (though 93% is now GMO)
  • flax seed oil

Mario Lopez stays away from anything butter, shortening, margarine, corn oil, fried, cream, or hydrogenated. The Mario Lopez diet is especially about avoiding unnecessary calories. Especially avoiding liquid calories, Mario Lopez says:

 Drink beverages that add little or nothing to your daily calorie count. Water is the obvious option, but zero-calorie coffee and it’s fat-burning caffeine works, too. Teas are another great option that enhances fat burning without adding calories.

Research shows that the rush you feel from drinking coffee is not only adrenaline, but also the caffeine unlocking fatty acids in your body. If you start moving once you feel the rush from coffee, fat burning is the result. However, if you aren’t moving, then the fatty acids just fall back into the fat cells and you gain nothing.

Wondering what the best way to curb your appetite is? Mario Lopez says the diet secret is sugarless gum.

Chew sugarless gum. British researchers did an experiment in which some subjects chomped on sugarless gum for 15 minutes per hour, and some didn’t. The gum chewers ate much less calories while snacking three hours later.

Mario Lopez Workout Videos

Mario Lopez workout videos:

Here Mario talks about his showbiz career:

Here is a video showing you Mario Lopez’s abs routine in action:

Mario Lopez Height and Weight

Mario Lopez height is 5′ 10″ (179 cm). Mario Lopez weight is 175 pounds (80 kg). He lost some weight when he went on Dancing With The Stars in 2006. Mario Lopez dated his partner, Karina Smirnoff, from 2006-2008. Also, Mario Lopez got married to Ali Landry in 2004. They quickly annulled their marriage, because Mario was unfaithful during his bachelor party.

Now, Mario Lopez is married to Broadway dancer Courtney Mazza. The couple celebrated their first daughter, Gia Francesca Lopez, in 2010. The former Saved By The Bell star, and his wife Courtney Mazza got married in 2012, and are expecting their 2nd baby.

Mario Lopez Workout Routine

Sources for the Mario Lopez Workout Routine include:

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  1. Every exercise must ne done back 2 back dose dat include the 5 minute Warm-Up & the 30 sprint in the beginning end as well ??????

    • Do the circuit routine for the just the weight training exercises themselves. The warm-up is only done once, at the start. The 30 minutes of cardio is also only done once, at the end of each workout.

      • Ah man so I’m supposed 2 do ab routine right after the weight training session & den run ??????

        • That’s how Mario Lopez says he does it, according to his book. However, other actors do abs first.

          In fact, Ryan Reynolds for Blade Trinity made abs his priority. He did them first, before every weights workout. So, tailor your workout toward your own goals. Find what works for you!

    • You don’t have to. Aim for speed, with proper form. Circuit training is more about mixing cardio/lifting. But, if getting bigger is your primary goal, it’s a great idea to increase weight each set.

        • Yes, you can. The benefit would be it’s easier to move from one exercise to the next. The quicker you can finish a circuit set, the better. The only downside is making sure you’re lifting enough weight. If fat burning is your primary goal, this isn’t as much a concern. However, if you’re looking to build muscle as your primary goal, you’ll want to use weights if you can.

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