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Margot Robbie Workout For Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie harley quinn

Margot Robbie’s workout for ‘Suicide Squad’ got her in shape to play Harley Quinn. The 26-year-old knew the role would require her to look good, especially in tight clothing. Margot Robbie’s workout routine consisted of high-intensity cardio sessions and weight training. Robbie tapped personal trainer Andie Hecker for help. Together, they shaped her into playing the bubblegum-smacking, ‘anti-hero’ known as Harley Quinn.

Robbie’s trainer, Andie Hecker, is famous for working with Victoria’s Secret models. Her clients include Victoria’s Secret Model Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Personal trainer Andie Hecker put together a 2-3 hour workout. To turn the Harley Quinn actress into an angelic super-villain. Knowing that Margo Robbie’s body was going to be on full display Andie Hecker told OK! Magazine what the Margot Robbie Workout looks like.

Margo Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

Ditching the traditional cardio machines, Margot Robbie uses 1 hour (HIIT) high-intensity cardio circuits. She combines her cardio with “Crazy 8” strength routines and gun-handling choreography. Having a ballet background, trainer Andie Hecker incorporates rebounders and balance balls into her workouts for women. The goal of these fast-paced workouts is to lose weight while having fun. By constantly changing things up, you tax your body harder while keeping things fun.

Margot Robbie actress playing Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

Margo Robbie says they tried multiple costumes, but really loves what they ended up with.

We tried on every variation of costume. I cannot emphasize enough how many outfits and how many variations of Harley Quinn we tried. I really love where we ended up…Maybe in the sequels, we’ll go with the court jester one. I think there’s a world of possibilities.

Margot Robbie Cardio Routine

The Margot Robbie Workout Routine consists of multiple rounds of cardio circuits. Her trainer told the LA Times and Harper’s Bazaar it includes some of the following exercises:

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn Face Focus Picture

The challenge is to go from one exercise to the next exercise without rest. When you’re done with 1 circuit you get to finally rest for 1 minute. Then, repeat the circuit 3-4 more times. Along with these circuits, Robbie also does the “Ballet Bodies” and other Pilates workouts that her trainer has helped make famous.

Margo Robbie says:

If I’m in L.A., I go see Andie Hecker. She used to be a ballerina, and she incorporates ballet techniques with Pilates. Though I live in London, I end up in L.A. all the time for work.

Personal trainer and owner of Ballet Bodies, Andie Hecker talks about Margot Robbie’s work ethic, saying:

She’s a machine when it comes to jumping. Other people would drop off, but she kept going. It’s challenging to keep up that level of intensity, but Margot Robbie just powered through it!

Margot Robbie Workout Routine

The Margot Robbie workout routine was developed to transform the glamorous beauty. Her new physique had to fit a bubble-gum-chewing, bat-swinging villain. Knowing she’d be wearing short shorts, Margot Robbie also told her trainer she wanted a bigger butt. Robbie knew strength training was required to accomplish these goals. Also, she did most of the Harley Quinn stunts in Suicide Squad without a stunt double.

Margot Robbie Butt and Legs as Harley Quinn

When moving to L.A., Margot Robbie almost won a role as one of Charlie’s Angels. After winning the role of Harley Quinn, she knew it meant it was finally time to prove herself. So, Margot Robbie developed a strength routine to attain her workout goals. Robbie says she enjoys playing the unapologetic, anti-hero, but needed a workout to go along with it. As a super-villain, she wanted to improve her stature with an arms workout.

Margot Robbie became a fan of the Crazy 8 Routine. This is where you do 8 different exercises back-to-back. It’s often used by bodybuilders, who need to get in shape fast. Robbie had the Crazy 8 Routine tailored to her, she says:

So, I wouldn’t turn into The Hulk by the end of the filming.

They did so by decreasing her weight, and increasing the number of reps. This helps keep a woman’s body long and lean. Her trainer spoke with OK! Magazine about what the Crazy 8 strength routine included:

  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Weighted Arabesques
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Lateral Raises
  • Lateral Circles
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tabletop Crunches
  • Clamshells

Do 1 set of each exercise. Rest one minute. Then, repeat the circuit 2-3x more times.

Margot Robbie Exercise Reps/Descriptions

Bodyweight Squats: Robbie started out with 4 sets of 20 bodyweight squats. Over time, she even added weight by holding a dumbbell between her legs. Other days, she would do wall squats while sitting on a Bosu Ball.

Weighted Arabesques: Margot Robbie would do 4 sets of 20 reps per side. Her trainer says she does this exercise while wearing a 5 pound ankle weight. These leg kicks helps tone your legs and butt. Don’t fret over the word ‘arabesque.’ It just means keep your leg straight throughout the exercise.

Tricep Extensions: Using a dumbbell, Robbie would do 3-4 sets of 25 reps per arm behind her back. If you prefer a triceps machine, you can do both arms at once. Personal trainer, Andie Hecker, says Margot Robbie used a 5 pound dumbbell for this exercise. Lift your arm high into the air, then slowly let the weight fall behind you. Feel the burn as you tone your arms.

Margot Robbie Workout For Suicide Squad

Lateral Raises: Lift both arms straight out from your torso, to above your shoulders. Robbie does 30 reps with 3-5 pound weights.

Lateral Circles: Once you’ve done 30 lateral raises, it’s time to do lateral circles. Robbie does 20 circles going forward, and another 20 reps going backwards.

Bicep Curls: When playing a villain, you’ve got to add bicep curls to your routine. To keep her arms long and lean, Robbie stuck to her 5 pound dumbbell for 20 reps, each arm.

When asked about her motivation, and where she looked to for inspiration to play Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie told Hello Magazine about her 7-year-old nephew:

I kind of drew from my nephew. The mischievousness that I think Harley needs came from him.

Tabletop Crunches: ‘Tabletop’ is simply a variation where you raise your legs like a tabletop. The kicker is you then extend your legs to that your shins point upwards. Aim at least to ‘make a tabletop.’ But, go even higher, toward the ceiling if you can. This will work the lower abs especially. Perform as many as you can, up to 25 reps. Using a Pilates reformer, Margo has the option of adding resistance to this exercise.

Clamshells: Margo Robbie would finish her workout with 25 reps of this inner and outer thigh exercise. She would use a Pilates Reformer to work both areas. In your gym, the Leg Abductor machine is another alternative to doing Clamshells. If you don’t have a Pilates Reformer, but want to work your inner and outer thighs, take a look at Natalie Portman’s Black Swan trainer.

Margo Robbie Diet

Margo Robbie says she hates to diet. So, she does so in moderation. She cuts back a bit while filming, but the 5’6″ 26-year-old Australian really just relies on exercise. She told OK! Magazine:

I get miserable if I don’t eat. I can’t just have a salad every day, and a half a glass of wine every other day. I won’t do it!

Margot Robbie body in a swimsuit talks about her diet

Much like Kendall Jenner’s diet, Margo Robbie is a fan of drinking tea. Robbie told Harper’s Bazaar (Sept 2016) that:

I probably drink 10 cups of tea a day. in our family, a cup of tea is the answer to everything.

Not going to deprive herself of a good meal, Robbie tells Harper’s Bazaar about her favorite breakfast:

my favorite breakfast is avocado on toast and bacon.

So, when it comes to Margo Robbie’s diet…it doesn’t exist, at least in terms of depriving herself of anything. Instead, she’s a total fan of eating what she wants and burning off those calories in the gym. Although she has been spotted jogging, and even surfing (she’s Australian), Margo Robbie says her favorite:

If i have time, i like dance classes. It doesn’t feel like exercise to me.

Suicide Squad with Harley Quinn