Madonna Workout | Age-Defying Moves From Her New Trainer

The Madonna workout leverages age-defying moves from her new personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer. The workout uses yoga, dance exercises and Pilates to maintain Madonna’s fabulous shape. Madonna is famous for changing up her workouts all the time. But, she has continued to use the moves from her celebrity trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, since 2008.



  1. The Madonna workout changes all the time, but she now gets her moves from personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer.
  2. Madonna and her trainer work out twice a day, 6 days a week consisting of yoga, dance and Pilates exercises.
  3. Trainer Nicole Winhoffer is famous for being the choreographer behind Madonna’s Hard Candy fitness gyms and Addicted to Sweat workout videos.

On center stage, and now an over-50 fitness icon, Madonna has used many different workouts to stay in shape. Much of her fitness can be attributed to all the time she spent dancing over the years. Madonna prefers dancing, strength training and Pilates to maintain her age-defying physique.


Madonna’s trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, is the author of the Addicted to Sweat dance routines. She is also the show-runner and creative designer behind the routines at Madonna’s world famous Hard Candy gyms. The pair first got together after Madonna noticed how well Winhoffer kept her dancers fit for the “Sticky and Sweat” tour.

Madonna’s Trainer

Madonna’s Hard Candy Workout

Madonna’s Hard Candy workouts are gym routines done at the gym she owns, called Hard Candy Fitness. The gym’s name comes from Madonna’s 11th studio album. The flagship fitness gym of this franchise is located in Mexico City, Mexico.

Madonna's 11th Album
Madonna’s 11th Album

You can do this workout anywhere. All you need is a chair. Madonna’s Hard Candy workout focuses on her abs and legs. Here’s Madonna’s Hard Candy Workout:

Lunge Back with Side Kick32 x each leg
Easy Side Sit Ups24 x each side
Toes Down Heals Up32 x each side
Knee Plank32 x each leg
Swivel Hips24 x each leg
Single Leg Bridge Up24 x each leg
Twist Dips24 x each side
Half Pike with Tap24 x each leg

(Follow along with the Madonna Hard Candy exercise video, but omit video #5 as, for some reason, it’s a compilation of a few of the exercises).

Together, Madonna and Winhoffer work out twice a day, 6 days a week. Madonna’s trainer says the workouts are aimed at maintaining one’s body by focusing on:

Strength, endurance, speed, agility, physiology, dance and kinetics. The aim is to maintain.


Here’s a Hard Candy fitness chair workout that Madonna and her trainer use to get fit.


At 55 years old, Madonna has a body fat of 6%, according to her trainer. (The female average in civilized countries is 27%). Here’s another Hard Candy gym workout, known as Madonna’s Towel Workout:

Nicole Winhoffer, Madonna’s trainer, says it’s fun to work out with Madonna because:

Madonna knows exactly what she wants, which makes my job easy. She never misses a workout, never makes an excuse, and always works out hard.

Madonna Butt Workout

The Madonna butt workout is 4 exercises that her trainer put together. Winhoffer has Madonna complete this routine twice a day. Madonna’s trainer says anyone can do these exercises. It’s a great workout for women who want a better looking butt. She says the easiest way to complete the Madonna butt workout is to always do it:

  1. “When You Wake Up”
  2. “Right Before Bed”


Here’s the Madonna Butt Workout:

The Shanghai Surprise45 x each side
The Bubble Butt50 x each leg
The Side V40 x each side
The V 50 x each leg

(Complete each exercise then move onto the next. Go for 15 minutes.) did an interview with Nicole Winhoffer about Madonna’s butt workout. Check it out for deeper instruction, and an animated illustration of these butt workout moves.

Madonna Dance Workouts

Madonna dance workouts are the core of her current routine. Her trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, is changing them up all the time. Many of the dances Madonna uses are included in the Addicted to Sweat workout videos. Here are some Madonna Dance Workouts, made by her trainer.

The first dance video is from one of Madonna’s classes. This is a dance she does with her trainer. The second video is the Electric Slide tutorial from Nicole Winhoffer’s workout video, Addicted to Sweat. The next is the actual Electric Slide dance workout.


The fourth video is the tutorial for the Cha Cha Dance workout. It’s followed by Madonna’s official Addicted to Sweat Cha Cha dance workout. This is all from the first DVD in the Addicted to Sweat series entitled, “Get Wet.” The last video is the “Step Together” Madonna Dance workout.

Madonna Arms Workout

Madonna is especially know for her toned arms. So, here’s the Madonna arms workout. Although this video isn’t by her trainer, it is by Heidi Klum’s trainer, Andrea Orbeck.


Nicole Winhoffer

Here’s the ABC story about Nicole Winhoffer, the trainer behind the Madonna workout:

Madonna Workouts From The Past

There are many Madonna workouts from the past. In the 90’s, Madonna used guru Danny Paradise to perform Ashtanga yoga. Later, she gained fame for her “six hour dance workouts” by working with Gwyneth Paltrow’s trainer Tracy Anderson. (See the Gwyneth Paltrow workout with Tracy Anderson.)

Madonna with past trainer Tracy Anderson
Madonna with past trainer Tracy Anderson

Madonna later decided to create her own gym and train with Josh Holland. After than, she decided to go barre and work with Sadie Lincoln of barre3. Finally, she decided to return to what she loves–dancing. With Nicole Winhoffer, Madonna performs varied dance routines on a daily basis.

Madonna Diet

According to her trainer, the 5’5″ singer has a very strict diet. Although it may sound like a cheat, Madonna’s diet secret is to bring nutritious gummy bears with her wherever she goes. Her trainer says:

Madonna really likes them. They’re all natural, infused with vitamin B12, which is essential for women. And, guarana for an [energy] boost.

Guarana is a Brazilian food that is similar to coffee. The brand Madonna and her trainer use is called “Energy Gummy Bears.” Although there is room for some variety, the Madonna diet consists mainly of:

  1. Chicken
  2. Vegetables
  3. Kabbalah Water
  4. Soups
  5. Avocados
  6. No processed sugar
  7. “Think Thin” brand protein or other protein bars


Madonna’s trainer talks about Madonna’s diet:

She eats food for fuel. She is an athlete with a very demanding show. Everything she puts into her body has a nutritional value and it’s for energy.

When she doesn’t want to load up on a big meal, Madonna turns to light foods such as spinach. Madonna’s trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, is famous for her “Green Goddess” soup. Here’s her simple recipe for making it:

Spinach, lemon, water and hot sauce. Boil the spinach, add fresh lemon, water, puree and enjoy!

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