Lindsey Vonn Workout: How She Gets Fit

The Lindsey Vonn workout is all about gaining lower body strength. Health Magazine interviewed Lindsey recently, and got all the exercises she uses. When asked how she gets fit and avoid injury, Lindsay Vonn says it’s all about legs and butt training.

Lindsey Vonn Workout How She Gets in Shape

Training for the 2018 Winter Olympics, Lindsey Vonn is determined to set new personal bests. Despite an ankle injury, she isn’t going to let it hold her down. Her key to avoiding injury? A workout that builds up her lower body strength, and a plan for getting better.

Lindsey Vonn Workout Routine

The Olympic gold medal winning skier says she does everything she can to stay in shape. As a 4-time World Cup Champion in skiing, her focus is on lower body. Lindsey Vonn’s workout routine focuses on her legs, hips and butt. Here it is, as featured in Health Magazine.


Lindsey Vonn Exercises

Lindsey Vonn’s workout use these exercises:

Lindsey Vonn Lower Body Exercises
With her workout, Lindsey Vonn says her ankle injury in completely healed. Although the 31-year-old champion tries to avoid the spotlight, she can’t help it. After a 3-year romance with Tiger Woods, the paparazzi is everywhere. Still, Lindsey has the focus to concentrate on her workout routine and hitting the slopes.

Lindsey Vonn Body Quotes

When asked about the Red Carpet, Lindsey says:

I’m like twice the size of anyone there, in both height and weight. I’m 5’10” but, I’m definitely quite a bit heavier than everyone else.

Despite her height being 5’10” and weighing in at 170 pounds, Lindsay feels:

Like the odd man out sometimes, but that’s even more reason to show girls you don’t have to be a size 2 to be beautiful. Any size is beautiful as long as you’re confident about your body.

Lindsey Vonn Body Image Confidence Quote


Asked about her breakup with Tiger Woods, and how it’s affected her workout:

I think it’s just given me more time to spend on myself. That’s what happens with most breakups. You really look at yourself and figure out what makes you happy. I’m focusing on my job, my skiing, and I’ve been working really hard.

Asked about her ankle injury (she broke her ankle), Lindsey Vonn says:

When I got hurt it was honestly a blessing in disguise, because it gave me the opportunity to take a break. I’m a planner, so when I get injured, I need a plan and a timeline. We map out the next however many months, weeks, days, and figure out what needs to be done.

When Health Magazine asked if she’s ever experienced any body issues, Lindsey says:

Before I was 17, I was incredibly skinny. I was made fun of and called ‘chicken’ and ‘chicken wings.’ I was super tall and probably weighed 30 pounds less than I do now.

About Lindsey’s weight gain, which came after her teenage years, she says:

I gained more than 30 pounds of weight because my metabolism slowed down. I’m normal size, but when I started to do fashion shoots, I felt too big.

Lindsey Vonn Face Close Up of her eyesLindsey Vonn Diet

When asked about her diet, Lindsey Vonn says:

The most important thing is to eat healthy. When I’m eating super clean and splurge on something really sugary, I feel it. Like I’m going to vomit.

This leads to her giving the following advice to women:

Eat what your body wants, and try to be as active as you can. Get into a routine, and the more you can stick to that routine, the easier it’ll be to stay fit and healthy.
I’ve got a nutritionist, and I’m just doing everything I can to be in shape for this season. And, it’s paying off!

Lindsey Vonn Body Legs Butt Workout

Lindsey Vonn’s workout gets her lower body in shape. If you like her plan, Share It Now!


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