Liam Hemsworth Workout & Diet: Ex-Navy Seal Gets The Aussie In Shape

Liam Hemsworth Hunger Games Diet

The Liam Hemsworth Hunger Games diet was intense, because Liam had to starve himself to fit the role. He often found himself miserable and upset. Due to the lack of calories, he lost weight, but at a price. The stars of the “Hunger Games” had to look the shape of their roles. Liam says:

Gale is providing for himself and his family. He’s not well-fed at all. It was tough, because I’m an eater. If I have one addiction in life, it’s probably food. [It put me] in a really bad mood, with a short attention span and a short fuse.

The typical Liam Hemsworth diet was Paleo based, and includes:

  • chicken
  • egg
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • nuts

Chicken was the major fuel that the actors used to stay lean. Co-star Josh Hutcherson, who was also on the same diet, remarked after filming:

You know, I used to like chicken. But after months and months of virtually having to eat little else, I really think I won’t be able to even look at a chicken breast for quite a while

Liam had to lose some weight before the movie, after all, his brother Chris Hemsworth reminded him that he was filming the “Hunger Games not the Eating Games.” Trainer Barry Landreth, Liam’s trainer for the Hunger Games, says:

Diet was the biggest thing. You can train with weight, but you can blow it in 30 seconds with food. It’s about mind over matter when it comes to losing weight.

When it came to start shooting for “The Hunger Games,” Liam took drastic measures:

When we started shooting, I would have one meal a day. It wasn’t that it was even healthy. It was whatever I could get, and not a lot of it.

I was training five or six days a week, and eating a lot less. When we started shooting, I wasn’t training as much, but I was eating only very minimally.

Liam Hemsworth Workout and Diet

Liam Hemsworth Expendables 2 Diet

For The Expendables 2, the Liam Hemsworth diet was the exact opposite. In order to make his presence known with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jason Statham in the room, he bulked up. This reminded him of when he was young:

We used to wrap towels around our hands and use them as clubs for sparring matches in the family room.

For the diet, they found it hard to find beef in Bulgaria. So they stuck to:

  • oatmeal
  • fish
  • asparagus
  • chicken stir-fry
  • loads of other vegetables
  • sweet potato or brown rice for energy

Liam Hemsworth Workout Videos

Here’s a video illustrating what it was like behind the scenes, working out for the Hunger Games:

Here is Liam Hemsworth talking about “The Hunger Games”:

Here is Liam Hemsworth talking about growing up with his brothers, including Chris Hemsworth (Thor):

Liam Hemsworth Weight and Height

Liam Hemsworth weighs 189 pounds (85.7 kg.) and is 6’3 (190.5 cm.). He weighed less for “The Hunger Games,” and bulked up for “Expendables 2.”

Liam Hemsworth Workout Routine For Hunger Games

Sources for the Liam Hemsworth Workout Routine for “The Hunger Games” include:

  • Interviews with Liam Hemsworth
  • Interviews with Liam’s trainer, Ex-Navy SEAL Logan Hood of Epoch Training.
  • Interviews with Liam’s trainer, on-set Barry Landreth, of Biltmore Premier Fitness
  • Magazine Interviews in Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, and Details Magazine.

liam hemsworth workout cover photo

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  1. hey dude just one question about this training , in the wednesday part it says 6 intervals of rowing\active….so what does it mean??…thanks ;D

    • After the warm up, go all out, with a high setting, on the rowing machine for 500 yards. Active rest, then, is where you stop for 3 minutes. Walk around, wave your arms, stretch, do what you can to keep your heart rate up a bit.

      People have a tendency to think that rest = stop and fall over. This lowers your heart rate, which stops the fat burning. Instead, keep moving during your breaks. This will keep your heart rate up a bit. It’s based on the Navy SEAL idea that if you’re stuck in water, there’s no rest break. At best, you’re treading water.

  2. can i find this routine in the men’s health magazine?….the point is that i want to be sure about this exercises really work!!!’! :D….that’s all!…

    • You may find part of this in a back-order of Men’s Health. But, most of the Navy SEAL workout comes from interviews with Liam’s trainer, Logan Hood. You would have to research Logan Hood / Epoch Training to get more info.

  3. in the thursday work out…it’s talking about reverse crunches but it didn’t write how many reps?…help me please…thanks a lot!!

  4. hi chris….I was wondering why the rest is two consecutive days, but if all goes well the body is okay!!! :D

    • Good question. Liam thinks that if he works hard all week, he can take the weekends off. It also has to do with his schedule. Liam likes weekends off to run around town, and have fun.

      But, if you’re rested there’s no reason not to workout on Saturday. Many other workout routines use Saturday. Personally, that’s the day I like to go in there for biceps, cardio and abs.

    • The Liam Hemsworth workout never revealed how much weight he deadlifts. But, most people start around 135 pounds (60 kg). That allows for a 45 pound (20 kg) plate on each side. The right weight for you really depends on how strong your back and legs are.

      Form is the most important aspect of the deadlift. Locking down your form is more crucial than lifting heavy weight. So, start light and go from there.

  5. The warmup is just 10 minutes on a rowing machine (or cardio machine of your choice). Then, for the rest of the exercises:

    Static Circuit: Do each of the following exercises for 4 sets. For each exercise, hold the weight extended for 30 seconds. Then, rest for 10 secs between sets. The idea behind static circuits is that you can gain strength just from holding something in place. It’s a muscle confusion technique that Logan Hood loves to add to his routines.

  6. How many reps and sets eould he do for the expendables 2 training? And what days would he do certain workouts? Thanks for the help!

    • I haven’t found a source that has his exact workout–just a list of the exercises he used. If we wanted to turn it into a workout for getting bigger, it would look something like:

      Monday: 3-4 sets 8-12 reps

      dumbbell bench press
      one arm bench press
      arnold press
      power cleans
      barbell front raise
      dumbbell burpees

      Tuesday: 3-4 sets 8-12 reps
      leg press
      front squats

      Wednesday: 3-4 sets 8-12 reps
      bicep curls
      hammer curls
      triceps extensions
      boxing / sparring
      kettlebell swings
      side to side abs
      hanging knee raises

      Thursday: 3-4 sets 8-12 reps
      lat pulldowns
      seated pulley rows
      dumbbell rows
      farmers walk, carry kettlebells across the room
      explosive medicine ball movements

      Friday: repeat any workout for the body part you want to focus on. Or, do 60-90 minutes of recovery paced cardio for fat-burning.

  7. Did you actually get this workout from Logan Hood? For all we know, the workouts could be completely different because these celebrity trainers never share their routines. They are a closely guarded secret. So I’m just curious why/how you came up with this routine. It’s completely different from other sources I’ve read.

  8. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for posting this! Looks like a great workout that I’m excited to get underway with.

    For Friday’s workout, how many times are you supposed to do that circuit? I noticed that in the Garrett Hedlund workout, Logan Hood had him doing it three times but only once in Liam’s case. is there any specific reason behind that?

    • Good Catch! The Friday circuit workout should be done 3 times through. I had written “once.” That was to stress doing one set of each exercise. Then, you move to the next exercise. This may be hard to do in a crowded gym. So, doing 3 sets of each would be the alternative where it needs to be.

    • Good Catch! The Friday circuit workout should be done 3 times through. I had written “once.” That was to stress doing one set of each exercise. Then, you move to the next exercise. This may be hard to do in a crowded gym. So, doing 3 sets of each would be the alternative where it needs to be.

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