Les Mills Workout: Pump Up Your At-Home Routine

The Les Mills Workout is the at-home version of the famous class he taught. Pump up your at-home routine with the Les Mills Workout. Also known as “LES MILLS PUMP”, this workout features the “Rep Effect.” With the Les Mills workout, work out just 3 times a week to get a long and lean, chiseled body.


Les Mills Workout

With the Les Mills workout, you burn up to 1,000 calories per workout. Unlike traditional weight lifting systems, the “Rep Effect” is the idea that the best way to improve your body is by using light to moderate weight at higher rep zones.


In a typical Les Mills Workout, you will do 70-100 reps per body part. By changing up the tempo, speed, position of your exercises, you work your muscles harder. The result, from doing 4 times the normal reps you would do in a workout, is that the Les Mills Workout will:

  • Break down more fat reserves.
  • Make your muscles long and lean.
  • Burn more calories, to achieve more fat loss.
  • Gain strength without bulky results.
  • Get results at-home that people are getting at the gym.

The Les Mills Pump Workout is available on Amazon.


Les Mills Workout DVDs

DVD 1: Challenge

Pump Challenge

Start firing your muscles with fundamental resistance exercises that will give you visible results in no time.


DVD 2: Burn

Pump & Burn

Feel the burn with compound moves that work several muscles at once to scorch fat and calories.


DVD 3: Shred

Pump & Shred

Start shredding your muscles, while you build endurance and churn through fat stores with each repetition.


DVD 4: Revolution

Pump Revolution

Drive your heart rate up with quick tempos and big moves like power presses and power lunges.


The Les Mills Pump Workout is available on Amazon.

DVD 5: Extreme

Pump Extreme

Weights won’t be the only thing lifted here as you focus on intensity and targeted muscle training.


DVD 6: Flow

Increase flexibility, decrease soreness, and improve your alignment as you stretch and lengthen your entire body.


DVD 7: Abs

Hard-Core Abs

Carve out your core and define your back with moves that hit your muscles from every direction.


DVD 8: Basics

Pump Basics

Learn how to assemble your barbell, adjust your weights, and get proper grip and stance advice.



Les Mills Workout: What is it?

The Les Mills workout is for people who want a long and lean body. By performing a large amount of reps quickly, it becomes a fat-burning, muscle-toning workout.

Les Mills Workout: Why is it so effective?

The secret is the “Rep Effect.” By using lighter weight, and a lot more reps, you get better results. You will do up to 100 reps per body part each workout. By changing the position, speed, tempo, and movements, the Les Mills workout pushes your muscles.


Les Mills Workout FAQ

How Does Les Mills Workout Work?

The Les Mills workout starts with phase 1. Here, you start by fat burning and shredding pounds. You start with shorter workouts designed to boost your metabolism and weight loss. Phase 2 workouts focus on sculpting your muscles to get the lean look you want.

In Phase 3, you finally get that ripped, chiseled body. No need to bulk up, you focus on long and lean muscle growth. All three phases are based on the use of lighter weights at a higher rate of repetition than normal workouts.

Who Are The International Les Mills Trainers?

Team Beachbody and Les Mills chose trainers from all over the world to be in the Les Mills workout. These trainers spent hundreds of hours on the mechanics behind this high rep, fat burning workout.


Who Was This Workout Designed For?

Les Mills Workout was designed for:

  • Men and women who want a long and lean body
  • People looking to lose weight and get fit
  • People afraid of getting bulky from weights
  • Those who are bored, and want a fast paced, fat burning workout
  • Weightlifters looking for a muscular endurance workout
  • Those who want to burn fat reserves, target more muscle fibers & burn calories
How Does Les Mills Workout Saves You Time?
Unlike traditional weight lifting systems, the “Rep Effect” is the idea that you can challenge your body by using light to moderate weight. In a typical Les Mills Workout, you will do 70-100 quick reps per body part.

By changing up the tempo, speed, position of your exercises, you work your muscles harder and faster. With lighter weight, its much easier to get 100 reps in fast. But, you still get the long and lean body.

Les Mills Workout Extras

The Les Mills workout includes these extras/bonus workouts:

  • Barbell: The ultimate body-transformation tool. The barbell that comes with the Les Mills workout is the secret weapon in accelerating your strength training and fat burning.
  • 2 5-lb. and 2 10-lb. weight plates: Increase the intensity of your workouts by adjusting your weight load. These vinyl-coated plates make it simple to create the ultimate body-shaping challenge.
  • Lean, Strong, & Unstoppable Fitness Guide: Map out your 90-day Les Mills workout transformation with this step-by-step guide. It includes a workout calendar, a chart to track your weights, and training guidelines for your best results.
  • Get Lean Nutrition Guide: Fire up your metabolism using this 3-phase nutrition plan. With more than 50 delicious recipes and customizable meal plans, you’re on your way to big-time fat loss and a lean, strong body.
  • Tape measure and measurement tracker: Track your progress and watch the inches melt away through each phase of your LES MILLS PUMP transformation.
  • Service: Free 24/7 online support.


Ready To Get Toned & Lean With The Les Mills Workout?

The Les Mills Pump Workout is available on Amazon.

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