LeAnn Rimes Workout & Diet: Turning Aggression Into Boxing

LeAnn Rimes Personal Trainer: Michael Jackson

LeAnn’s trainer, Michael Jackson (twitter: @body_mechanic) says LeAnn focuses does a lot of traditional boxing techniques. Then, he gets to work her through a lot of core, legs, upper body, and arms workouts. Jackson tries to keep LeAnn from getting bored by switching up the routine. But, LeAnn has become so fond of cardio boxing, that she demands it’s the first thing they do:

It keeps my heart rate up, and I never get bored. I also do yoga regularly, and my husband and I walk our dogs a few miles whenever we can.

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Recently out of rehab for stress and anxiety, LeAnn Rimes is feeling better. She recently performed her first gig, filled with laughter and occasional tears. Some of her old friends have claimed she is not the same, but that the show must go on. She has also been harshly criticized on Twitter for being anorexic.

Her trainer, Michael Jackson (no, not the pop star) came to the rescue, saying that his focus is on getting her toned, but she is in no way anorexic. He further stated that people should not criticize her for taking her workouts and diet seriously.

LeAnn Rimes Legs

Lunges and Squats, coupled with intense cardio is what shapes LeAnn’s legs.

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LeAnn Rimes Diet Routine

LeAnn Rimes’ focus is on working out, rather than limiting calories, to promote weight loss. Still, she diets hard, too. The LeAnn Rimes diet focuses on eating green vegetables, with good spices. LeAnn likes to avoid junk food by having an “Out of sight, Out of mind” mentality. When craving a treat, she likes to reach for whole wheat toast with peanut butter and bananas. LeAnn is given 1 cheat meal per week, which she says is often mac and cheese.

Every week, LeAnn gets a meal plan from her trainer. She opts for a lot of the following in her diet:

  • fish
  • chicken
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • kale
  • asparagus
  • oranges (morning only)
  • apples (morning only)

Kimberly Snyder has LeAnn Rimes drink breakfast smoothies. These smoothies contain green vegetables, in addition to fruit and protein.

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LeAnn Rimes says:

I start off my day with one of Kimberly’s smoothies, and then I’m mostly vegetarian until dinner, when I eat fish, chicken or steak with salad and veggies

Recently, one of her twitter followers tweeted:

Putting down the margaritas, and hitting the gym twice as hard.

@leannrimes responds: Keep the margaritas, and work out twice as hard.

I never deprive myself, and nothing is off-limits. But I’m a health nut, too, so I try to keep my diet in check.

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LeAnn Rimes Video On Her Workout Routine

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