Lea Michele Workout: Toned Abs & Legs

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Women’s Health says the Lea Michele workout is a combination of hiking, hot yoga and Pilates. Her workout is designed to get her the toned abs & legs she desires. Instead of working out with a personal trainer, Lea Michelle says she likes to exercise with her friends.

Together, Lea and her friends motivate each other to work out and stay in shape. Eating right is always the most important part of Lea’s routine. Women’s Health caught up with Lea Michele to get the scoop on her workout.

Lea Michele beauty hair

Lea Michele Goes Hiking

Lea Michele says going hiking in the trails around Los Angeles is one of her favorite ways to work out. This is one of the typical ways she is able to exercise, while still hanging out with friends. Motivating each other, Lea Michelle says Becca Tobin (Kitty) is one her favorite workout buddies.

About her hiking workouts, Lea Michelle told Women’s Health:

Hiking Lea Michele Women's Health article

We go hiking all the time. I hike on trails about four times a week. I love being outside!

Here is a pic of Lea Michele, hiking with her besty Becca Tobin at “The Ranch” in Malibu:

Lea Michelle hiking with Becca Tobin Malibu

Lea Michele Does Hot Yoga

Lea Michele also does hot yoga with her friend, Becca Tobin. She says that doing hot yoga is:

The greatest combination of mediation, detox and a fantastic workout.

Here’s a popular Hot Yoga workout you can try at home.

Pilates Workouts

Lea Michele uses Pilates workouts. She says they’re especially useful to tone your legs and abs. She often goes to Romney Pilates with Emma Roberts from Scream Queens. Done by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Pilates help cinch the abs and waist. Lea Michele shows off her Pilates results here.

Lea Michele Abs Waist Pilates

Lea Michele’s Pilates workouts use these exercises:

Emma Roberts and Lea Michele from Scream Queens do Pilates

Want to tone your butt and obliques, too?

Add Cassey Ho’s Pilates routine to your workout:

Lea Michele Workout Quotes

Lea Michele’s workout quotes from Women’s Health:

Lea Michele Workout Quotes Women's HealthLea Michele has always been a health nut. At home, she eats vegan, because she has the time she needs to prepare everything the way she likes. On the road, it’s harder to find those vegan options. So, her diet becomes mostly vegetarian.

When she’s looking for a treat, Lea Michele nibbles on cheese. She also drinks wine. Most of the time, she focuses on quality ingredients, and food that’s going to fuel her.

Lea Michele Workout in Women's Health

Lea Michele’s workout combines hiking, hot yoga and Pilates to stay fit. If you like how she stays in shape, Share It Now!