Kylie Jenner Workout Routine: Flaunting Her Body

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Kylie Jenner’s workout created the body you see everywhere. She’s constantly flaunting her body on Instagram. So, she better have a good body to back it up. Kylie Jenner’s workout includes running in the Hollywood Hills, in fashion, of course. Kylie works out, while taking selfies, and listening to some sick beats.

Kylie Jenner Body Taking a selfieRecently, Kylie Jenner realized she gained weight. So, she admits to starting a workout routine to lose weight. At times, Kylie is happier just trying on new workout clothes. But, she’s an adrenaline junky. She pushes herself when she needs to.

Workout Summary

  • Kylie Jenner says she didn’t always have a workout routine set in stone. But, she always loves to run in the Hollywood Hills.
  • Based on some pics, Kylie realized she gained weight. So, she has started doing the same workout routine her older sisters use, to lose weight.
  • Kylie uses weight-training exercises to tone her body. Kylie uses trainer Gunnar Peterson, who especially focuses on her legs, abs, butt & arms.
  • For weight loss, Kylie says she likes to eat/drink: Fit Tea Detox, Organic Juice and Kale Salad.

From watching #KUWTK, one knows Kylie is an adrenaline junkie. She snowboards, skates and runs whenever she can. When a source was asked what Kylie does for exercise:

I know they go for runs/hikes with their dogs and friends.

Kylie Jenner’s Workout

When The Kardashian family needs to lose weight, they go straight to personal trainer Gunnar Peterson. Here’s Kylie Jenner’s workout, based on Gunnar Peterson’s book The Workout: Celebrity Core Secrets.

Kylie Jenner Workout With Kim Kardashian
Kylie Jenner Working Out With Kim Kardashian

Monday/Wednesday Workout

  • Do 1 set of each exercise in the circuit.
  • 15 Min Cardio (3 x 15 minute rounds = 45 min total)
  • Repeat the circuit 2-3 more times.
Dumbbell Squats115
Single-Leg Lunges115
Skater Lunge115
Side Lunges115
Stability Ball Leg Curls115
Cable Lat Pulldowns115
Dumbbell Rows115
Dumbbell Bicep Curls115
Reverse Crunches125
Ball Throws125
Mountain Climbers160 sec
Planks190 sec
HIIT Cardio115 Min
Repeat Circuit 2-3More Times

The Monday/Wednesday workout focus is on legs (thighs & glutes), biceps, back & abs. Kylie will sometimes do this workout on Friday. This is because, if she skips a day, she has to make up for it later in the week.

Kylie Jenner Legs In Short Dress Getting Gas

After one circuit is done, Gunnar has Kylie Jenner do different kinds of cardio training. She does 15 minutes of cardio. Usually, this is a mix of 3 different things for 5 mins. Then, they go back and do another weight circuit.

Tuesday/Thursday Workout

Tuesday/Thursday’s workout focus is on Kylie’s chest, shoulders, arms and abs.

  • Do 1 set of each exercise in the circuit.
  • 15 Min Cardio (3 x 15 minute rounds = 45 min total)
  • Repeat the circuit 2-3 more times.
Dumbbell Chest Press 115
Dumbbell Flys115
Wood Chops115
Shoulder Press115
Lateral Dumbbell Raises115
Dumbbell Curls115
Triceps Extensions115
Ball Throws125
Bicycle Crunches125
Reverse Crunches125
Plank w/Leg Lift190 sec
Side Bends115/side
Mountain Climbers160 sec
HIIT Cardio115 Min
Repeat Circuit2-3More Times

After one circuit is done, Gunnar Peterson has Kylie do cardio, usually any kind of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). She does 15 minutes of cardio. Then, they do another workout circuit. This is followed by another 15 min of cardio.

Kylie Jenner Workout Routine

In 2014, Kylie says she hasn’t worked out in a long time. It wasn’t since cheerleading, that she’s had to do much activity. Kylie Jenner didn’t always have a workout routine. She told InStyle UK:

 I haven’t worked out in 2 years.

In her 2014 war with Black Chyna, she refuses to admit to any type of routine:

I’m living out my youth, not doing any exercise and eating what I want.

Kylie Jenner Talks About Her Workout Routine Basking In Sunlight

Although she didn’t have a workout routine in 2014, Kylie Jenner began working out in 2015. Seeing images of herself in the tabloids sparked her desire to lose weight. When a magazine asked Kylie about what fitness means to her, she says:

Being fit to me means staying active. We get to travel a lot, so we’re always on the move. It’s important to get out as much as possible, and just keep moving.

Workout Clothes

For Kylie, the best part of working out is the workout cloths. In a 2015 Instagram, she says:

Yay! Thank You Reebok for the shoes. I think I might take on Hollywood Hills now for a run. Gotta take this jewelry off first #getpumped.

Kylie Jenner Workout Clothes In another 2015 Instagram, Kylie wears simpler clothes and says:

Basic Workout Attire

Kylie Jenner wears workout clothes

Kylie Jenner Workout Playlist

Kylie says her workout playlist is full of any song she can dance to. When asked for details, she says:

Katy Perry “Wide Awake,” a bunch of Rihanna songs, Drake, also Rita Orta, Kaskade, and of course, Kanye.

Kylie and Kendall’s Early Workout

Kylie and Kendall’s Early Workout Footage Video: (Mama Kris started them early).

  • Run in Place 10x
  • Cherry Pickers 10x
  • Ski Jumps 10x
  • Leg Kicks 10x

Kylie and Kendall Jenner Posing for a Photo

Kylie graces the cover of Teen Vogue, and talks about her makeup and beauty routine.

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  1. This website is really inspiring and motivating. Kylie Jenner is my idol and she really pushes herself to be excellent. I have tried alot of other workout routines and they haven’t really helped and had low positive outcomes. If anyone has her workout plan in print form or is online with pictures on how to do them, please email me at
    batesemma621@gmail. com

    • Like all the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner’s trainer is Gunnar Peterson. Kylie uses the workouts in the tables, above. Note: It’s circuit training, where the goal is to do them more than 1 time through. For videos on how to do each exercise: click the links. Also, check out the Kim Kardashian workout or the Kendall Jenner workout for details & more information.

  2. So does she do 15 min of cardio each session or 45 minutes? I am confused. It says 5 minute rounds three times but then later it says 15 min of cardio 3 times.

    • After one circuit is done Kylie does 15 minuets of cardio, usually any kind of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). So, do 15 minutes of cardio. Then, repeat the workout circuit. Kylie ends up doing 45 minutes of total cardio. Thanks for catching the (3 x 5). It should be (3 x 15). I’ll clean that up.

  3. can u also post her diet plan, or atleast what kind of foods should i be eating for this routine to really work?that’ll be really helpful thanks

  4. dumbbell Workout really helpful for building perfect body shape. dumbbell press targets the chest and requires an exercise bench that is put on an incline. The same exercise can be done in the neutral and decline positions. All three positions work in different areas and angles of the same muscles.

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