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Kim Kardashian Diet: What She Eats

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The Kim Kardashian diet changes slightly every 10 days. She eats almost the same thing every day. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star gave an interview about her diet to Harper’s Bazaar. The May 2015 issue of Harper’s Bazaar reveals Kim’s diet. Kim shows you what she eats in an average day. The article, 24 Hours With Kim Kardashian, reveals Kim Kardashian’s diet.

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Kim Kardashian’s Diet Summary

  • Kim Kardashian eats eggs or oatmeal for breakfast. Sometimes, she has a protein shake with frozen fruit.
  • With Kanye’s influence, Kim now uses a personal chef who puts together her meal plan for the day.
  • For Lunch, Kim has vegetables with chicken or fish. Sometimes, she gets an afternoon sweet-tooth. She fixes that with Justin’s peanut butter packs (healthy fat) or sweat tea (with Equal).
  • Dinner is the same, Kim says more vegetables, with fish or chicken. This provides Kim with lean protein and fibrous carbs.

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8:00 AM – Breakfast

Kim tries to eat breakfast before her daughter, North, wakes up. Kim keeps a special iBaby monitor close, in case North West wakes up. Kim says she starts the day by rushing to eat breakfast:

I try to have breakfast really quick, before she’s up. but, I’m rushing. Always checking the monitor. I’ll usually have scrambled eggs or oatmeal. Or, a protein shake with fruit.

Kanye & Meal Plans

Kim Kardashian says she eats healthy due to Kanye West’s influence. He has a personal chef, who puts together meal plans for the two of them.

Kanye really loves to eat healthy and is always on different diets. He has a chef who comes in the mornings and cooks breakfast for both of us. He also gets our meal plans together for the day.

We just started seeing a nutritionist who changes our diet every 10 days.

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12:00 PM – Lunch

If Kim is filming her reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they usually break for lunch around noon. For lunch, Kim says:

I prefer to have a chef make my lunch because it will be healthier. Lately it’s been fish and vegetables. Or chicken and vegetables, something like that.

Kim Kardashian Diet Lunch She Eats Chicken and Vegetables

3:00 PM – Snack

What Kim Kardashian Eats Justins Nut Butter
What Kim K Eats: Justin’s Peanut Butter / Almond Butter Packs

In the afternoon, Kim Kardashian starts to feel a need to cheat on her diet. Kim says she gets a sweet-tooth that won’t go away. Luckily, she has found the answer to her temptations: Justin’s Peanut Butter or Justin’s Almond Butter Packs.

If I need a sweet-tooth fix, I’ll have those Justin’s peanut butter packs. The almond butter is really good! I’ll just eat it plain.

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Both products are good because they contain healthy fat. Fat is needed in every diet, because it produces all the hormones that regulate your body.

I used to drink a ton of ice tea. But, I’ve cut back. I had the craziest addiction to Equal. I’d put 10 Equals in each Iced tea.

Kourtney kept pestering Kim, about her fake sugar addiction. Kourtney would say “You can’t have that much fake sweetener!” Kim Kardashian knew she had to cut back. Now, Kim says:

I’ve trained myself to have just one iced tea a week, and I’m down to 3 Equals.

When asked if she has a caffeine addiction, or is she drinks coffee, Kim says:

I’m not really a coffee drinker. I like it, and I’ll have some when I’m jet-lagged. Maybe once a month. I try to drink water, Instead.

Kim says that being pregnant, and being a mother, has affected her dietary choices. She now picks things, like water, that are much more pure. Natural and healthy is her new way to be, and eat. With help from Kanye, she wants to set a good example for her kids, nephews and nieces.

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7:00 Dinner

Much like her lunch, Kim’s diet is full of lean protein and light carbs. Dinner is just like her lunch. Kim eats cooked vegetables, with either chicken or fish. Vegetables are a great carbohydrate. They’re full of dietary fiber, which goes right through you. Kim says:

For dinner, I have vegetables and fish or chicken. Just like lunch. I don’t really have cocktails or desserts.

Cheat Foods

9:00 PM

Just because she’s usually good, doesn’t mean Kim stays completely away from cheat foods. When asked about her favorite cheat foods, Kim Kardashian admits she has some. Her sweet-tooth is known to come on strong at night. She says:

Haagen-Dazs is my biggest indulgence. Their Dulce de Leche flavor is my favorite thing in life!

Kim Kardashian diet cheat food ice cream haagen dazs is her favorite thing in life
Kim says ice cream is her cheat food of choice. In fact, she says Haagen-Dazs is her favorite thing in life!


  1. Kim K has been posting 4-5 year old full body selfies for the last few years. Any recent pictures are closeups of her face and cleavage. She’s a mom now and I don’t think theres much working out these days.

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