Killer Abs Workout

killer abs workout

Killer Abs Workout

This popular, killer abs workout is geared to those that want to work your abs at home.  The Straight Up Abs and Knees Bent Abs exercises will work your upper abs and lower abs. While, the Knees To Elbow and Around the Worlds will work your obliques.

killer abs workout

Try to get all this done in under 50 seconds work with 10 seconds rest.  No equipment is required, just a couple magazine covers to create some friction.

Repeat 1 time through, so you do everything twice. Once you get used to it, increase the amount of repetitions.

While you are resting, remain in the plank position. This is what makes the Killer Abs workout tough. Keeping your abs flexed and intact is tough, but  will strengthen your core more. Core exercises where you constrict blood flow to the abs area will help increase muscle definition in that region.

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