Kendra Wilkinson Workout & Diet: Switching It Up

Kendra Wilkinson Yoga Workouts Detailed

Kendra never thought she would get into yoga. But, after trying it, she loves it and performs it twice per week. She is said to use bikram style yoga, where you turn up to the heat to 120 degrees before doing the exercises.

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Kendra Wilkinson Post-Baby Workout

Here is Kendra being hilarious, while showing what she’s learned from her workouts. The jump squat, she says, is how she works her butt. The key is to jump on your heels to work your butt. Kendra says that post-baby workouts are important, as it’s:

The first step to get your confidence back. It’s the way to feel alive again.

Kendra Wilkinson Diet

The Kendra Wilkinson diet is about finding healthy foods that Kendra likes to eat. It’s a mix of mostly nuts, vegetables and fruit. At first, Kendra says she was ordering pseudo healthy food, for the bad stuff:

I was ordering Greek salads just to eat the feta cheese. You can’t get a salad just to eat the bacon!

She told People Magazine that she like nuts:

I’ve been eating almonds, pistachios, nuts with no sodium, and some dried fruit all day long.

Kendra says that she had a hard time eating healthy while pregnant:

During pregnancy, I let myself go. I gained 60 pounds. I ate non-stop. I didn’t care. It was what my body was wanting and needing for my baby. That was a  lot of meat and a lot of McDonald’s and a lof of stuff, and I never ever eat fast food. So, I screwed myself with that.

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Kendra also laments her former body, and says that post-baby dieting is hard. Still, she had the resolve to get back to her old self:

I used to have the best metabolism, my body was the best. And, I said right after I have the baby I’m going to get back in shape. I’m never going to struggle, I’m never going to have to worry.

Kendra says that the secret is not being stubborn about eating healthy and embracing your new body:

It’s so hard to diet. I pace back and forth in my kitchen for like an hour looking for anything unhealthy. I’m addicted to Trader Joe’s hummus, and organic veggies with it. I can eat that–that’s my lunch every day. That’s all I eat for lunch. And then, for dinner, I make my own little wrap. I’m such a good wrap maker. I’ll have a little tortilla where I put spinach on it, grilled chicken on it, broccoli and some grilled peppers. It’s so good! I’ve learned — I’ve really taken the time and I’m healthy now.

Kendra Weight and Height

Kendra Wilkinson weighs 130 pounds (57kg) and is 5’4 (1.63 m.) She gained 60 pounds for her first pregnancy, and expects to not gain as much, by eating right and working out, for her second.

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