Kendra Wilkinson Workout & Diet: Switching It Up

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Kendra Wilkinson Workout Detailed

Kendra says she works out 4 days per week. As she gets older, and after a pregnancy, she has found she needs to workout longer. Sometimes she only works out for 30 minutes, but she tries to do an hour. As a new mom, she finds it hard to find time to workout. Luckily, she has family that can fly into town and watch the baby.

Cardio Boxing With Kendra

For the cardio boxing, keep the intensity up during your cardio boxing workout. Vary the number of punches, kicks and blocks you throw. Start your workouts by doing doing 20 of each exercise. Focus on proper form, and working your abs and core through each punch. Gradually, jump to 30 of each at a faster pace. Finally, get to the pace of doing 40 of each exercise briskly.

kendra wilkinson workout cardio boxing

Kendra DVD Workout

Here is a clip form the “Be a Knockout With Kendra” Workout DVD:

The Kendra workout DVD includes:

  • cardio and aerobics
  • legs / butt targeting
  • bicep, triceps, shoulders moves
  • ab routines
  • calorie burning
  • conditioning/toning
  • 5 sports themed workouts that are 6 minutes each

Kendra Workout Includes Sports

Kendra wanted to do the workout DVD because she’s always been a huge workout person. She did the workout DVD in 2010, after losing baby weight. She says she always wanted to turn sport into a workout, and finally this is the perfect routine:

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