Kelly Ripa Workout: How She Stays So Thin!

The Kelly Ripa workout is the secret behind how she stays so thin. Always experimenting with the latest trends, Kelly Ripa likes to switch it up. When it comes to her daily routine, she uses a workout called AKT by Anna Kaiser. Kelly Ripa uses Pilates, dance cardio, toning and an alkaline diet to stay skinny.

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Kelly Ripa Workout Summary:

  • The Kelly Ripa workout is designed by Anna Kaiser of AKT in Motion. Kaiser also works with Sofia Vergara, Sarah Jessica Parker and Shakira.
  • Kelly Ripa’s workout routine uses the AKT method: A mix of Dance cardio, Strength training, Toning and Flexibility.
  • Kelly Ripa has used the Tracy Anderson Method in the past, featured by celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow and JLo.
  • Kelly Ripa’s workout is a series of different routines, as you’ll see (below).

Kelly Ripa SkinnyThe goal of the Kelly Ripa’s workout is to maintain a sleek, toned skinny body. On Live With Kelly and Michael, Ripa shared a look inside her workout.

Kelly Ripa Workout Routine

Kelly Ripa’s workout routine goes 5 days a week, 1-2 hours a day. Working out helps Ripa maintain her toned arms, defined abs and skinny figure. When she needs to tone it up, Kelly Ripa looks to her personal trainer, Anna Kaiser.

Kelly Ripa Workout Routine AKTAt her studio, called AKT in Motion, Anna Kaiser trains many celebrities and New Yorkers. On the Live with Kelly and Michael show, trainer Anna Kaiser talks about her workout with Kelly, saying:

We’re working out 2 hours today. We’re gonna burn 1200 calories, because we’re going non-stop.

Toning her body, Kelly’s routine is all about interval training. Kelly Ripa’s workout is so effective because it utilizes non-stop circuit training. This is where you move from one exercise to the next, without resting. Her trainer says:

Circuit training is the best way to work out. When you pair it with dance, you make it even more fun. It’s efficient, because you’re working on more planes of motion.

Here are some of Kelly Ripa’s workouts at AKT in Motion:

Dance Cardio Workout

Kelly Ripa Beauty

Dance cardio is more fun than traditional workouts, especially if you do it with others. Here, Anna Kaiser (Kelly Ripa’s trainer) invited some friends to her studio.

Kelly Ripa Arms Workout

Kelly Ripa Arms Workout(Co-hosting with Michael Strahan requires some muscles)

About Kelly Ripa’s arm workout, Anna Kaiser says:

If you do these arms workouts for 2 weeks, you’re gonna see results, I promise! You are going to see toned arms, sculpted shoulders and your triceps are going to start popping out.

Kelly Ripa’s Inner Thigh Workout

Kelly Ripa Inner Thigh Workout Shape

Kelly Ripa Lower Body Workout

With this workout, tone your legs and butt. Kelly Ripa focuses on lower body movements done at a fast pace. Doing so boosts your heart rate, which burns fat, helps get you bikini body ready.

Kelly Ripa Bikini Body Workout

Kelly’s leg workouts vary, but the main ones she uses include these exercises:

  1. Dynamic Knee Raise
  2. Heel Clicks
  3. Lunge and Kick
  4. Heel Clicks
  5. Single Arm Slide

Kelly Ripa Abs Workout

Tone Your Waist with Kelly Ripa’s Abs Workout:

Kelly Ripa Abs

Quick Booty Workout

Here’s Kelly Ripa’s Quick Booty Workout. Each exercise is performed by her trainer, Anna Kaiser, here:

Swing It120 reps
Burning Man Bridges140 reps
Twisting Booty Booster120 Reps
Burning Man Bridges140 reps
Repeat2-3More Times

Anna Kaiser explains the 1st exercise in detail, saying:

Come down on your back, feet on ground, lift feet up to the ceiling, bring them down, then swing it out to the side. Lift your legs up, and to the side, keeping that booty up as much as you can.

Anna Kaiser wants you to do this simple workout every day. It’s so easy, and can be done anywhere. Kaiser says this is a great workout to do at-home because it takes no equipment to do. She uses the booty workout for getting her clients ready for the red carpet.

For the “Twisting Booty Booster” exercise, Anna Kaiser says:

Dip that hip and then extend it. this is the perfect pre-carpet move.

Kelly Ripa’s Trainer

Kelly Ripa’s trainer is Anna Kaiser, a student of Tracy Anderson’s. Kaiser also works with Sofia Vergara, Sarah Jessica Parker and Shakira. The classes at AKT in Motion are a mix of dance moves, core strength movements, yoga and Pilates. Kelly Ripa says:

I work with Anna Kaiser of AKT. She kicks my butt. And, I pay her to do that!

To work out at-home just like Kelly Ripa does, you can get: Anna Kaiser’s Happy Hour DVD. Anna Kaiser is one of the most popular trainers in New York at her studio AKT.

Anna Kaiser Workout

Get Anna Kaiser’s AKT Workout on Amazon.

Anna designed this workout for all fitness levels, and showcases the workouts she’s famous for. The AKT workout mixes dance cardio, toning, flexibility, and creative routines.

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