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Kelly Ripa Fitness & Diet Trends: SoulCycle

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Kelly Ripa is on top of the many fitness and diet trends gracing her television show. At the top of her list is a new workout called SoulCycle. Many celebrities are into SoulCycle simply because it’s trendy. SoulCycle is a fun, high-intensity (HIIT) cardio workout. Known for being fit and skinny, Kelly is always looking for hot, new fitness trends, including the recent SoulCycle.

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When not doing AKT in Motion, Kelly Ripa has been seen in New York gyms doing SoulCycle. The workout tones the lower body, while providing a full body cardio workout. The main focus is on cardio, and it also works the lower body (with the cycling). Dumbbells are added to make it a full body workout.

Kelly Ripa Fitness Showing off her legs

SoulCycle’s focus is especially on the legs, butt and thighs. Getting slim hips is another great perk of this workout. Celebrities are embracing the SoulCycle workout for many reasons. Not only are they getting a great workout, but it’s done in the dark so no one can see. According to a trainer SoulCycle has created a revolution, changing the entire way indoor cycling works.

SoulCycle is Kelly Ripa’s favorite way to work out. SoulCycle combines HIIT cardio with a fun, indoor cycling workout. Get an understanding of the new workout trend, by watching  some of the SoulCycle workout videos below:

Kelly Ripa & Physique 57

Kelly Ripa uses the popular workout called Physique 57 to stay in shape. Physique 57 is a low-impact, ballet barre type of workout. There are different workout videos for the arms, legs and other major body parts. The workout comes from the idea that it takes 57 minutes each day to completely tone your body. (There are 30 minutes courses, too).

Kelly Ripa Physique 57 Workout

In fact, Physique 57 is endorsed by Kelly Ripa who credits the workouts with toning and shaping her body. Physique 57 combines cardio, ballet barre, strength training and stretching to tone your body. The workout emphasizes sculpting your arms & legs to be long and lean.

Kelly Ripa showing off arms and legs that are long and lean

Kelly Ripa Workout With Keith Byard

Keith Byard is Kelly Ripa’s former trainer. Here’s her total body workout with him. Keith Byard’s workout starts with back, arms and shoulders. Then, he works Kelly’s legs and butt. Later, they work their way into abs and cardio.

Kelly Ripa notes that you can do all these exercises at-home:

Keith Byard’s workout advice is simple, but goes a long way toward getting better results:

Don’t forget to breathe! Don’t forget to breathe!

The more oxygen you breathe in during your workout, the more energy you will have. Pushing your body to the limit starts with breathing. By breathing intensely, you gain more oxygen, which helps blood flow to your muscles. He notes you can even do this as a home workout.

Kelly Ripa Diet

Kelly Ripa’s diet changed after she noticed some strange bruises on her body. She went to nutritionist Dr. Daryl Gioffre. Dr. Gioffre is an expert on helping people rid themselves of an acidic diet. By not eating sugar, flour or processed foods, Kelly Ripa was able to reduce the acidity of her diet.

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Doing so, Kelly Ripa was able to get her body functioning properly again. Dr. Gioffre shares his 7 Tips to Transition Yourself from an Acidic to an Alkaline Diet Here. Our body, from eating plants, is used to being in an alkaline state. Because the modern diet shies away from fruits and vegetables, our body tends not to function well in an acidic environment.

Kelly’s goal is to get back to eating the natural way her body wants. An alkaline diet makes Kelly Ripa feel good. She says it not only helped get her body back in shape, but that others found her more pleasant to be around. Kelly Ripa says:

I’ve been working with Dr. Daryl Geoffrey, and he put me on an a high-alkaline cleanse. It has changed my life. I think it’s made me less of a pain to be around, too!

Kelly Ripa Height And Weight

Kelly Ripa’s height is 5’3″ and her weight is 100 pounds. Her height makes her weight seem rather low. While Kelly Ripa is 100 lbs., she recently dropped down to only 96 lbs. This happened when she wasn’t feeling well. So, she changed her diet. With a better, more alkaline diet, Ripa says her weight is back up to 100 lbs. (45.3 kg).

Here is a recent photo of Kelly with her family:

Kelly Ripa Height Weight Pictured With Her Family

Junk Food

Kelly Ripa becomes enthralled with junk food every so often. Especially, if words like “Salted Caramel” or “Hazelnut” are associated with it.

Kelly Ripa Diet Junk Food She Eats Peanut ButterAbout her favorite brand of peanut butter, Kelly Tweeted:

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