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Kate Upton Exercise Routine

Kate Upton’s exercise routine varies by her schedule. According to his book, David Kirsch wants all his clients to work out at least 90 minutes per day. When Kate Upton is preparing for a shoot, Kirsch increases Kate Upton’s exercise routine. He told NY Magazine about Kate Upton’s routine for the month of training before the shoot:

I saw her every day, we did 2 workouts a day. Kate would Even do extra cardio on her own after the actual workout. Really, Kate was workout out for two-and-a-half-hours a day!


With Kate, they split this time up between circuit training, cardio and boxing. Kirsch personally oversees the circuit training and boxing. Kate Upton then stays at the gym afterwards to do more cardio as she sees fit. David Kirsch says:

We do extreme, intense circuit training. We do 3-4 circuits, and change them up a lot. Kate Upton does a lot of core, butt and thigh shaping and toning.

Kate Upton uses resistance bands, light dumbbells, stability balls and other equipment when she can. Her go-to move is lateral lunges for the inner thighs. The goal of the Kate Upton workout was to tone the most important parts of her body. What were those parts, and how did they do it? Trainer David Kirsch says:

Her abs, butt, legs, thighs, and arms. We did a lot of boxing, kick boxing, and stability ball work. We also did a lot of interval training, like wind sprints on the treadmill and outside.

Talking about Kate Upton’s curves, her figure and her workout, her trainer talked about the exercises they did:

She’s got curves. There was no way I was going to un-curve her. we did a lot of working out with resistance bands. The objective was not to look like a runway model, but to tighten up what she’s got, to look amazing.

Tone Up Your Arms: Kate Upton Boxing

Tone up your arms the Kate Upton Way: Boxing! Kate Upton has found that the most fun way to tone up your arms is through cardio boxing. She also does kickboxing workouts to tone her legs.


Kate Upton tones her arms by doing cardio boxing. Here’s an example by her trainer showing you the shadow boxing move in a deep squat position that they use. Her trainer talks about cardio boxing:

It’s a very efficient workout, and a good way to get your cardio in.

The Other Woman Workout

Kate Upton recently starred in the movie, The Other Woman. Kate Upton continued to work with David Kirsch to get in shape for her role in The Other Woman.

Kate Upton co-starred in the movie with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. For The Other Woman workout, Kirsch talks a bit about the training regimen:

we worked out 5-7 days a week, usually pretty late at night for 60 to 90 minutes.


Even if you’re not starring in The Other Woman or gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated, David Kirsch still has some simple advice for you. He says to do a couple high intensity circuits each morning.

By the time it’s done, you’ve got your exercise done for the day. Always start your mornings off this way. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, try to do a couple of exercises  to get your metabolism revved up and going.

Kate Upton Body Image

Kate Upton has a wonderful take on her body image. She embraces her curves, even if that means people are going to call her ‘fat.’ Kate Upton’s body was even called ‘porky’ after her trainer released her entire Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photos on Facebook.


About her body image, her trainer David Kirsch says:

I love her curves. She is the quintessential all-American girl. She’s fresh, sunny, and natural, and not too skinny. We’re not advocating that stick-thin, unhealthy, anorexic approach to modeling.

Kate Upton’s 3-Move Ab Workout according to (and performed by) her Trainer David Kirsch:

Kate Upton uses a stability ball for all three exercises. To be like her, work your way toward being able to do 15-20 reps of each exercise!

Get More Kate Upton Workouts

Get More Kate Upton Workouts (by her trainer) with David Kirsch’s Sound Mind Sound Body Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp DVD on Amazon.


Upton’s trainer, David Kirsch is famous for using these workouts with many celebrities. Most notably, this includes Heidi Klum, Faith Hill, Sophie Dahl, Bridget Hall, Ellen Barkin, James King, Liv Tyler, Kerry Washington, Anne Hathaway, Karolina Kurkova and Linda Evangelista.

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