Kate Upton Workout: Get Swimsuit Ready

The Kate Upton workout shows you how to get swimsuit ready. Gracing the cover of two Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions in a row, Kate Upton is the right person to look to for workout advice. Kate Upton can often be found working out, which is what keeps her in fabulous, bikini shape.


Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton is known for being curvy, and she embraces that. Kate Upton’s workout focuses on toning her body. She focuses her workouts on her arms, core, butt and thighs. This makes Kate Upton’s workout the go-to fitness routine when you need to get swimsuit ready.


Kate Upton’s incredible curves have landed her on 2 straight Sport Illustrated Swimsuit issues. Having a consecutive run on the SI cover means she has to have an intense workout. David Kirsh, Kate Upton’s trainer, keeps the Kate Upton workout fun (but intense) by incorporating circuit training. He pairs this with boxing, which is a great way to expend your stress and calories–at the same time.

When deciding to work with Kate Upton, her trainer talked about the need to maintain Kate’s awesome curves. Kirsch says:

I made it very clear to her, I love her curves and I wasn’t going to do anything to make her skinnier. It was about toning her legs, butt, abs, arms and to really dial in her diet.

Kate Upton Workout Routine

The Kate Upton workout routine is a combination of circuit training, boxing and proper diet. Her trainer shared some of her workouts with Shape, Elle and NY Magazine. Kate Upton’s workout routine includes the following:

  1. Warmup (walking, treadmill or elliptical)
  2. Circuit Training (usually 6-8 exercises in a circuit with 60 secs rest between each circuit)
  3. Cardio Boxing / or Kickboxing
  4. Extra Cardio– 45 mins treadmill, elliptical, gauntlet, rowing machine, stair climber or jump rope

(Note: Don’t spend the entire 45 minutes doing the same thing. Switch up the machines every 15 minutes to keep yourself enjoying the workout. That’s what will keep you coming back for more!)

(Kate usually picks between cardio boxing, kickboxing, or extra cardio. When she’s gearing up for a photo shoot, she does both Cardio Boxing 3 and Extra Cardio 4)

David Kirsch is the trainer behind the Kate Upton Workout. He is famous for working out with Kate Upton, Karolina Kurkova, Liv Tyler, Kerry Washington, Anne Hathaway and Heidi Klum.

Kirsch is the ‘Fitness and Wellness’ expert on ABC’s hit television show “Extreme Makeover.” (See some of Trainer David Kirsch’s celebrity endorsements). For circuit training, Kate Upton’s trainer revealed her workouts in NY Magazine.

Kate Upton Legs & Butt Routine

Here’s the Kate Upton Legs & Butt Routine: (Example of a circuit training workout from above)

Sumo Lunge15Circuit
Frog Jump15Circuit
Reverse Crossover Lunge15 (each side)Circuit
Plie Toe Squats15Circuit
Platypus Walk5 steps (Forward/Back)Circuit
Reverse Lunge to High Kick15Circuit
Single-Leg Deadlift15Circuit

Perform these exercises in circuit format. That means you do 15 reps of one exercise, then immediately move onto the next exercise. Once you’re done with one set of each exercise, rest for 60 seconds and repeat. Kate Upton does 3-4 total sets to complete this part of her workout routine.

(Click on the links above to see Kate Upton’s trainer, David Kirsch, show you how to perform each exercise)

Source: (NY Magazine Kate Upton Butt Workout)

Depending on your fitness level, you may have to work up to doing 3-4 sets. Go slow at first, and remember to focus on your form. For the Sumo Lunge, it is 3 exercises all put into one. Kirsch says he used this exercise to get Heidi Klum’s legs and butt into runway shape (after her pregnancies).

After the first move, go right into a Frog Jump. Focus on your butt, as that’s the body part you want to tone and emphasize. For the Reverse Crosses, think of them as “stepping back into a deep curtsy.” For the Plie Squats, make sure to point your toes outward.

This stance will help work your butt, while preventing you from bulking your thighs too much. Use ankle weights (optional) for the Platypus walk. Also, if these moves are too easy, add dumbbells to make the legs & butt routine more challenging.

Legs & Butt Routine Workout Video

Here’s a Legs & Butt Routine workout video. It’s a slight variation of Kate Upton’s Butt routine, performed by a model and Kate Upton’s trainer, David Kirsch.

Kirsch says these moves really paid off. Kate Upton’s body, especially in the core, legs, thighs and butt, was noticeably toned. Her trainer noticed a clear transformation in Kate’s body, explaining to NY Magazine:

Her butt, thighs, and legs got stronger, leaner. It was from all those dead lifts, sumo lunges, and platypus walks. All of those exercises are about tightening and toning.

Kate Upton Abs Workout

The Kate Upton Abs Workout involves a lot of planks. While crunches used to be the popular, go-to abs exercise, celebrity trainers now prefer planks. This exercise has a tendency to work the entire core, instead of just a section of the abs. Here’s a variety of different Plank exercises that comprise Kate Upton Abs Workout:

Plank w/Knee Tuck15 (each side)Circuit
Plank w/Row Extension15 (each side)Circuit
Plank w/Donkey Kick15 (each side)Circuit
Plank w/Oblique Crunch15 (each side)Circuit
Plank w/Front Raise15 (per arm)Circuit

Source: (NY Mag 5 Ways to Plank Like Kate Upton)

Kate Upton performs this workout in circuit format. This means she moves from one exercise to the next. She rests for one minute. Then, she goes through the circuit again. David Kirsch designed this workout to last 30 minutes.

So, there’s not an exact amount of reps that you do. Instead, challenge yourself to do as many circuits of the Kate Upton Abs workout that you can.

Kate Upton Abs Workout Video

Here’s David Kirsch showing you the Kate Upton Abs Workout Video demonstration:

(This is an “express” version of the Kate Upton abs workout. He doesn’t do the “Plank w/Donkey Kicks” in this video, and only does 10 reps of each exercise.)


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