Kate Middleton Diet: Lose Weight By Juicing

The Kate Middleton Diet is based on the juicing fruits and vegetables to lose weight. The Duchess of Cambridge decided to experiment with the idea, bought a Nutribullet, and experienced 7 pounds of weight loss in the first 4 weeks.


The Daily Express reports that Kate Middleton is fond of a certain kind of blender, called a Nutribullet. This is because the Nutribullet quickly extracts the beneficial nutrition from fruits and vegetables.


The blender Kate chose differs from traditional juicers. Most juicers get rid of all the pulp, or fiber. Kate Middleton chose the Nutribullet because it does  the opposite. By keeping the fiber intact, the Nutribullet provides a healthier option than most juicers (if you like fiber).

Kate Middleton Diet Secret: Fiber

Fiber, an important component of weight loss, helps you feel full after a meal. The skins of fruits and vegetables, where most of the fiber comes from, have many healthy properties.


Fiber fights cancer, heart disease and promotes weight loss. It also prevents your blood sugar from spiking. Blood sugar spikes promotes fat storage, because the body has too much sugar in the bloodstream. Fiber quells this effect.

Kate Middleton opted for the Nutribullet because it keeps the fiber from fruits and vegetables. Thus, Kate Middleton’s diet secret is that she uses a juicer that keeps the fiber intact to lose weight.


Kate Middleton Weight Loss

Kate Middleton, the 32-year-old mother of the future King of England, first decided to lose weight in 2011. She first started juicing in advance of her televised royal wedding. Kate Middleton lost 7 pounds in four weeks by juicing!

This allowed Kate Middleton to drop a dress size, and fit into a size 2 dress (Size 6 UK). With diet and exercise, Kate Middleton was able to reach her weight loss goals and dream weight for her royal wedding.


After her wedding, Kate Middleton stopped juicing on a daily basis. She still uses her juice diet, but has trimmed it down to only 2 days per week.

The rest of the time, she eats normally to ensure proper nutrition. When she feels she needs to lose more weight, she adds more juicing days to her diet.

Why Juicing Worked For Kate Middleton

Juicing worked for Kate Middleton because she reduced her caloric intake. She did so while maintaining her intake of vitamins and minerals. The secret to weight loss from juicing is that doing so provides you with an abundance of nutrition.

By being able to extract the nutrition you need from fruits and vegetables quickly, you don’t have to eat as much. This helps you lower your caloric intake over the day, but in a healthy way.

The Daily Express, a British publication, first ran the story that revealed the Kate Middleton diet. Her weight loss came through the use of a Nutribullet. The Daily Express also reports that Kate Middleton’s favorite drink is a combination of oranges, pineapples and bananas made into a smoothie.


The Kate Middleton diet in particular, and all juicing diets in general, use vegetables as well. Incorporating a lot of vegetables into a shake is the key to losing weight.

Spinach and kale are two of the easiest, and most nutritious, additions one can add to any drink.

The Nutribullet: Kate’s Secret Weapon

The Nutribullet is Kate’s secret weapon in her diet regimen. The key to any long-term diet is to eat food you enjoy while reducing your caloric intake. Kate Middleton found her answer in the Nutribullet.


By making delicious smoothies, it was easy for Kate Middleton to reduce her overall caloric intake. Being able to prepare her meals in an easy way, the Nutribullet helps Kate Middleton keep her svelte figure.

Despite her hectic traveling schedule, Kate Middleton is able to stick to a type of diet she can enjoy. Although some people are skeptical about the Nutribullet at first, most find it is easy to incorporate into their lifestyle.

If you want to try Kate Middleton’s diet, here are the some of the most popular items to get you started:

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  2. Nutribullet Recipe Book: Smoothie Recipes for Weight-Loss, Detox, Anti-Aging & So Much More!
  3. Superfood Smoothies: 100 Delicious, Energizing & Nutrient-Dense Recipes
  4. Beauty Detox Solution

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Benefits of the Nutribullet

Benefits of using the Nutribullet include:

  1. Easy to extract the nutrition you need
  2. Does not get rid of the fiber.
  3. Easy to clean.

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Downside of Juicing

According to experts, the downside to juicing (or using the Nutribullet) is that it’s easy to drink too much at once. So, make sure that you stick to only 1-2 servings at a time.

No matter how delicious it may be, keep your caloric intake in check. Making all-fruit smoothies puts you at greater risk of consuming too many calories. So, make sure to use vegetables as they will keep your drinks healthy.

Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is an important part of losing weight on the juicing diet. You want to make sure you’re getting all the nutrition your body needs. Focus on a variety of fruits and vegetables. Doing so provides a greater abundance of vitamins and nutrients.

Spinach, which you can hardly taste in a smoothie, has the most nutrition, per calorie, of any food. So, it’s the perfect addition to any diet or smoothie!

Remember that fruits and vegetables can’t offer a complete diet by themselves. You must incorporate sources of B-vitamins, fats, protein, and other key nutrients to fortify any juicing diet.

Track your calories to make sure you’re getting all the nutrition your body needs. Putting your meals into a website tracker, consulting a dietician, or even using a phone app is essential to staying healthy while maintaining your weight loss.