Kate Hudson Workout & Diet: Proving Them Wrong

Kate Hudson Diet

Kate Hudson Diet

The Kate Hudson diet focuses on eating lean protein, healthy vegetables and avoiding certain foods. Kate’s dietary restrictions include no dairy, wine, beer, wheat/gluten, meat, flour or sugar.

Healthy food inspires me. It’s important to know what you’re eating because food is fuel, and we don’t want to fuel our bodies in a way that could make them sick.

Alkaline Diet

An alkaline diet is popular among many celebrities. By keeping your body in a more alkaline state, you are much healthier. Alkaline diets prevent your body from bloating, making you appear more lean. Inflammation, a major culprit in bloating and disease, is eased when you eat the alkaline way.

Honestly Healthy for Life: Eating the Alkaline Way shares many of the benefits of the Alkaline diet.

Kate Hudson Alkaline Diet

Kate Hudson talks about her diet, saying:

Because I want to be as healthy as possible, I eat alkaline. My diet is gluten-free, no dairy, no wheat, no meat, no flour and no sugar.

Kate Hudson Diet Food

The diet food Kate Hudson states is central to her body looking the way it does:

  1. Breakfast of oatmeal with blueberries, raspberries or blackberries.
  2. Eggs (she prefers soft-boiled)
  3. Organic Produce
  4. Steamed Veggies
  5. Snack: apple and 10-12 nuts
  6. Fish (low-mercury only)
  7. Sushi w/vegetables
  8. Lots of Water

Asked about her favorite breakfast, Kate Hudson says:

I love eggs! Soft boiled eggs are my favorite. I do a five-minute soft boiled egg thing. It’s my favorite thing on the planet.

Kate Hudson Diet Abs For alcohol, Kate Hudson avoids wine and beer. She sticks to “vodka or tequila straight up, only.” Unless, she’s going wine tasting, of course. But, even then, Hudson limits herself to 2-3 glasses. Being acidic, wine goes against the nature of her alkaline diet.

To help cleanse & detox her body, Kate Hudson says:

I do my best to eat healthfully without depriving myself of the things I love. Everything in moderation is the mantra that works for me. I also find that doing food elimination cleanses or or juice cleanses helps reset my body.

Kate Hudson Weight Loss

During her pregnancy, Kate Hudson gained 60 pounds. With her height of 5′ 6″ that was more than usual. Kate admits:

I was eating a pint of ice cream a day. I’d eat sundaes and banana splits. It was heaven. I ate anything I wanted to. I’ve been so happy–big, fat and jolly, and laughing with my husband Chris.

But, Kate Hudson’s weight loss was just as remarkable. Doing Pilates after her pregnancy, and eating right, was the key to her success.

Kate Hudson Weight Loss

Kate Hudson’s trainer, Nicole Stuart, in Cosmo Bride reminds us about her most important exercise tip:

Remember, even walking burns calories. The most important thing is to stay active.

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