Kate Hudson Workout & Diet: Proving Them Wrong

The Kate Hudson workout & diet keeps her in fabulous shape. Inspired by the paparazzi to lose weight, Hudson admittedly suffered harsh criticism about her body. Proving them wrong is what fuels Kate’s desire to work out. Kate Hudson uses Pilates, SoulCycle, cardio, weights and an alkaline diet to stay fit.

Kate Hudson WorkoutKate Hudson Workout & Diet Summary:

  • Known for her sexy abs, Kate focuses on her core every workouts. Pilates are usually at the center of her workout routine.
  • Kate Hudson’s workout routine includes SoulCycle, Brazil Butt Lift, Ballet Barre style workouts, and she even works out with her brother, Oliver.
  • An alkaline diet, which prevents your body from bloating and inflammation, is central to her plan for staying lean.
  • Kate’s dietary restrictions include no dairy, wine, beer, wheat/gluten, meat, flour or sugar.
  • Kate Hudson’s weight loss motivation comes from negative treatment by the paparazzi, and the desire to prove them wrong.

Kate Hudson Workout Body Abs

Pilates Workout

At the core of Kate Hudson’s workout is Pilates. Kate Hudson works out with trainer Nicole Stuart. She revealed Hudson’s workout routine to Shape Magazine. They usually do a 1-mile run, followed by a 1-hour Pilates workout (3 times a week). The focus of most of these workouts is to tone the arms, abs, legs and butt. For some of the best Pilates workouts, see:

Kate Hudson Legs

Kate Hudson says Pilates workouts are the key to her physique. Her Pilates workouts include the following moves:

  1. 100’s
  2. Roll-Ups
  3. Single Leg Pulls
  4. Criss Cross Exercise
  5. Elevated Clams

Kate says everyone should try doing Pilates workouts, even men. Trainer Nicole Stuart says that Pilates are a great workout for women because:

You’ll become tighter, more toned and stronger. it makes you stand taller, have more confidence and more grounded. You lose inches around your waist, and get that leaner, longer look.

After 10 workouts you feel a difference. After 20 workouts, you see a difference!

We do a lot of upper body work during our Pilates routine. Arm circles are very simple, but I believe they really tighten the muscles in your arms and shoulders.

Kate Hudson Body

To help you get started, Kate Hudson’s trainer Nicole Stuart even created a Pilates Fitness App called QE Squared. Stuart has gone on to create a host of fitness apps including Qe3 (Quick & Easy Celebrity Exercises) that Kate Hudson uses when she’s on-the-go. Kate Hudson says:

I love Nicole’s App. I take it wherever I travel. It keeps me in tip-top shape.

SoulCycle Workout

Since Kate only does Pilates 3 times a week, that leaves room for other exercises. Kate’s trainer says on the off days, they do spinning, weight training and yoga. The recent craze that Kate has gotten into is SoulCycle.

SoulCycle is Kate Hudson’s favorite way to burn fat. SoulCycle combines HIIT cardio with a fun, indoor cycling workout. To burn fat and tone your body, some weight training is added in. Here are some SoulCycle workout videos, to get an understanding of the new workout trend celebrities are embracing.

Kate Hudson Sexy Workout GearThis new fitness trend is called a “Cardio Party on a Bike,” according to one   sadistic trainer. SoulCycle is being used by a vast amount of celebrities including Bradley Cooper, Kelly Ripa, Jake Gyllenhaal, Nicole Ritchie and Katy Perry. Kate Hudson’s SoulCycle trainer gives some good advice about staying hydrated:

Drink, drink, drink! The key to a healthy body is staying hydrated. So be sure to have water before, during and after your exercise.

Kate Hudson says her abs come from Pilates. Kate spilled her secret for killer abs to Glamour, saying:

You just have to work out your abs often. I’ve been doing Pilates for so many years, my main workout is always core-focused.

Kate Hudson Workout BodyJump Rope

Kate learned traveling isn’t a proper excuse for not working out. Even when she can’t make it to one of her classes or the gym, having a jump rope helps keep her fit. Hudson says:

I’m a big believer in doing 20 minutes of exercise a day. I love jumping rope. It’s one of the hardest cardio exercises you can do, but it’s so easy. I usually do 3 sets of 3 minutes. I’m always shocked at how sweaty I get.

Kate Hudson Workout Motivation

Kate Hudson’s Workout Motivation comes from the paparazzi being tough on her. Still, Kate showed her resilience, telling Marie Claire:

The tabloids were tough on me, but I ate well and exercised. The weight just came off. Now I have no issues with my body. I don’t have time in my life to worry about it.

Staying motivated also means switching it up. By trying different things, Kate has more fun. She recently told Vogue:

I also do yoga, run, bike ride and dance. Lately, I’ve been getting into cardio boxing. By mixing it up, I’m never bored.


Kate Hudson revealed to SELF Magazine:

My fitness ambition is internal. It’s all about feeling connected to myself.

Kate Hudson Workout Clothes

Building on her desire to prove the paparazzi wrong, Kate Hudson wants to workout while looking hot. To do so, she co-founded a workout clothes company called Fabletics. They specialize in comfortable, good-looking workout gear. Kate says:

It’s casual, chic and affordable. And, there’s something for every body type.

Kate Hudson Workout Clothes Abs

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