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Julianne Hough Workout: Much More Than Just Dancing

The Julianne Hough workout is tougher than you’d imagine. As a professional dancer, Hough takes working out in all forms to the next level. Julianne Hough’s workout is much more than just dancing. Along with the workout, see Julianne Hough’s diet here.

Julianne Hough Workout Body Dress

Instead, Hough says her workouts are a combination of everything: Pilates, dance, weights, cycling and HIIT training. Juliane Hough says she does so many different activities in order to ‘shock’ her body.

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Plus, it’s fun when she doesn’t have to rely on the same workout every day. By switching up her workouts, she is also able to tone her arms, butt and thighs much more than she could by just dancing.

Julianne Hough Workout Routine

A L.A. resident, Julianne Hough participates in all sorts of activities. She uses the Tracy Anderson Method (refer to the Gwyneth Paltrow Workout). She also works out with trainers Harley Pasternak (refer to the Megan Fox Workout) and Astrid Swan McGuire (workout below). Hough also likes to do SoulCycle for cardio.

Julianne Hough Workout Routine Thighs LegsHough admits her least favorite workout is the Tracy Anderson Method. She says:

I’ve done the Tracy Anderson workout a few times, and it’s so hardcore! Ridiculous hard moves, stretching with bands, and weights. When I get to the cardio part, I’m dying.

Still, Julianne says she uses the Tracy Anderson Method, SoulCycle, or works with a trainer almost every morning. Hough says the key to staying fit is starting the week right. It helps when you have friends willing to start it with you. Hough says:

Right now I’m loving SoulCycle. I’m doing that with some friends. It’s not only a great workout, but you sweat your butt off…So I love doing that on Monday morning and starting my week like that.

Hough’s trainer, Astrid Swan McGuire, says:

Dancing is good cardio, but strength training gives you muscle tone and gets your metabolism up and burning at its peak.

Julianne Hough Workout 2014

In 2014, the Julianne Hough workout used trainer Astrid McGuire. Instead of just dancing, Julianne Hough and her trainer team up to do compound movements and HIIT training.

Julianne Workout 2014 Arms

Weight training complements Hough’s dance workouts, creating more muscle tone on her body. To put herself to the limit in 2014, Julianne’s workout constantly switches back and forth between:

  1. A Strength Exercise
  2. HIIT Training Interval (one of three below)

(Six of each constitutes 1 full circuit. Hough completes the entire circuit 2-3 times during her workouts.)

So, Julianne Hough’s workout routine:

Exercise SetsTime/RepsNotes
Pushup Kickback160 secStrength
Jump Rope1100HIIT
Plie Squat w/Windmill160 secStrength
Drawbridge130s/each sideStrength
HIIT Cardio330sec On/OffHIIT
Bungee Raise Plank130s/each sideStrength
Jump Rope1100HIIT
Hip Bridge March130s/each sideStrength
Star Plank Row160 secStrength
HIIT Cardio330sec On/OffHIIT

The 3 types of HIIT training Julianne’s trainer has her switch between in this workout:

  • Jump Rope 100 (jumps)
  • 20 burpees
  • 3 min HIIT treadmill (30 sec on / 30 sec off)


  • For the Drawbridge exercise, McGuire has JH extend her legs to each side 30 degrees. When she goes left, JH holds a dumbbell in her right arm, and vice versa.

Drawbridge Pictured:


  • For the Bungee Raise, bend your opposite leg and arm into the air and hold for 5 secs.

Bungee Raise Pictured:

Juliane Hough Exercise Legs Arms

Pop Sugar interviewed Astrid McGuire, Julianne Hough’s trainer, who said they finish each workout with ab work:

V-Ups, Jackknifes, Weighted Twisted Curls, Planks, as well as, butt and leg work.

Julianne Hough Workout Video

Here’s the Julianne Hough workout video, where Pop Sugar interviewed the trainer to get Julianne Hough’s workout and diet secrets.

A HIIT workout with Juliane Hough’s trainer, Astrid McGuire:

Julianne’s Trainer

In the workout video, Julianne’s trainer says:

I love working with Julianne. She’s intense, she’s hard working, she’s dedicated. She is a great example of somebody, who’s not afraid of heavy weights. At the same time, we will burn out with resistance bands, and then use the bodyweight, and then I’ll throw her on the treadmill.

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