Julia Roberts Workout & Diet: Get Her Aerobics Training Routine

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julia robers workout core

Julia Roberts was asked about continuing to spend her life working out. Julia Robers says:

I just wanted to show my family that the power of the female body is about more than just giving birth.

Julia Roberts Workout Thursday Routine = Arms

julia roberts workout arms

If you’re working out from home, like Julia Roberts, her trainer says to pick up a pair of 5 lb. – 10 lb. dumbbells. She says:

Five to Ten pound dumbbell weights allow you to do circuit training and strength workouts. This allows you to keep your metabolism going by keeping your heart rate up and muscles pumping.

Julia Roberts Workout Friday Routine = Yoga


Sometimes Julia Roberts, and her trainer Kathy Kaehler, will listen to music, but Kathy says:

Sometimes the kids are watching cartoons in the room, so we just adjust to the situation.

Julia Roberts Workout: Arms Workout Demonstration

Julia Roberts Workout Routine Descriptions

Increase the intensity of your workouts by using small weights. The Julia Roberts workout routine uses a 5-10 lb. dumbbell, but find what’s right for you. You’ll be amazed at how much different body weight exercises are when you’re holding weights. Some exercises, like pushups, you can’t use weights because you need both hands (and even your knees for beginners) for support. But most exercises, like squats, you can easily hold small 10 Lb Dumbbells in each hand (Get on Amazon).

Adding a small dumbbell means that you are doing resistance training. Resistance training is an important factor in alerting the body to manufacture proper levels of human growth hormone. Human growth hormone is responsible for keeping your skin looking healthy! So, in conclusion, adding dumbbells to your workout routine helps keep your skin looking healthy.

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