Julia Roberts Workout & Diet: Get Her Aerobics Training Routine

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Julia Roberts Workout

The Julia Roberts workout is a five per week, 90-minute workout. Her fitness routine combines aerobic step workout with strength training. The Julia Roberts workout varies her strength training between total body, Pilates, arms, core, and yoga workouts. Julia Roberts has used celebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler for over 10 years.

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Kathy Kaehler, who designed the Julia Roberts workout, has also worked with (most recently) the Kardashian sisters, as well as, Meg Ryan, Drew Barrymore, Kim Basinger, and Michelle Pfeiffer. Kathy Kaehler is known not only for her workout, but also her diet plans.

Julia Roberts Workout Monday Routine = Total Body

Here’s the Julia Roberts workout plan:


The Julia Roberts workout usually does 3 sets of 15 of each exercise. Julia Roberts workout trainer, Kathy Kaehler has Julia Roberts do a bunch of step aerobics variations. These include Alternating tap-to-sides, Alternating knees, Step straddles, V steps, Step on the corners, Corners with a knee-up, and Over the tops. Talking about the workout, Kathy Kaehler says:

 We currently do 20 to 40 minutes of step aerobics and up to 40 minutes of body work. Lunges, crunches, planks, push-ups afterward.

Julia Roberts Workout Tuesday Routine = Pilates

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Pilates are essential to the Julia Roberts workout. They help Julia Roberts to focus on strengthening her core. They also give Julia Roberts the Long and Lean Legs she is famous for. Her trainer wants her to just lose time and focus on her body, she says:

 Thinking about your workouts as ‘I have to go workout for an hour. Ahh, I have to go to the gym,’ that creates the feeling of being uneasy and overwhelmed. So, the trick is to lose that time focus and just focus on your body.

Julia Roberts Workout Wednesday Routine = Abs/Core

  • 20-40 minutes step aerobics
  • 40 minutes of bodyweight work:
  • Planks (1 min hold, 3 times)
  • Lying Down Double Leg Lift (3 sets of 10 lifts)
  • T-Pose (30 second hold)
  • Full Plank Leg Lift (Aim for 1 min each leg)
  • Double Hip Lift (2 sets of 20)

Continue to see the Julia Roberts workout for Thursday, and Friday:

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