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John Cena Workout: Maxing the Weight

John Cena modifies his workout when he is focused on building up his strength. For his main lifts: the Squats, Front Squats, and Bench Press, John Cena maximizes the weight he can lift. Maxing the weight he can lift helps John Cena achieve his goal of being the strongest guy in the WWE.


Max WeekSetsReps
Week 138
Week 236
Week 335
Week 443
Week 5 42
Week 6(Test Your Max)1

Each week, John Cena lowers the sets or reps, but increases the weight. He makes sure that his nutrition is perfect, so that this muscle-building workout achieves results. In the last week, John Cena tests his max. You may do 2-3 attempts, or go with just 1, but the goal is to show improvement in your strength over 6 weeks time.

Maxing the weight allows John Cena to focus on hitting a new high every 6 weeks. He has found that always chasing his latest record allows him to really push himself in the gym. But, one has to remember to stick to proper form and realizable gains.


John Cena Records

John Cena Max Weightlifting Records:

ExerciseMax Weight (in pounds)
Bench481 lbs.
Squat600 lbs.
Deadlift664 lbs.
Clean & Jerk286 lbs.
Clean358 lbs.
Snatch304 lbs.
Overhead Press344 lbs.

For Bench Press, John Cena told Muscle & Fitness that he recently used 352, 374 and 383 lbs for his rep ranges. He used 395 lbs. for the pause & explode bench press (exercise #2 on chest day). His max record on bench is 481 lbs. according to Men’s Health.


As for his WWE wrestling records, John Cena has the following records and achievements:


John Cena Height & Weight

John Cena Height & Weight:

  • Height: 6″1″ (1.85 meters)
  • Weight: 240 lbs. (108.8 kg)


John Cena Work Ethic

John Cena has a tremendous work ethic that keeps him in great shape. He is always training with heavy weight to be the best he can be in the ring. This has helped him win 12 WWE championships, and hold over 20 titles by the age of 37.

His work ethic is simple, when it comes to working out. John Cena says:

Consistency is key. I hate over-complicating stuff. To those out there who are starting from their first step and wanting to achieve a certain physique or a certain level of strength…


As long as they consistently apply themselves, and I think that’s in any discipline if they want greater endurance, greater strength, lower body fat, lower body weight, higher muscle mass, whatever their goal is. I think the primary directive is consistency.


John Cena Injury

John Cena hurt his arm (torn triceps), but came back to be stronger than ever. His recovery included 5 months of physical therapy, including time spent working out from his hospital bed. About his training, John Cena says:

[I train like]…an off-season football athlete. My schedule is all about resistance. It’s either a push-pull day or an Olympic lifting day.

When asked what he has learned from the WWE, John Cena says:

The WWE has taught me [about] humility, patience and the reward of hard work.

John Cena Diet

The John Cena diet is about getting as much quality food as he can into his body. John Cena says that sticking to a healthy diet is all about finding things you love–that are healthy, too! When asked about his favorite foods, Cena says:

I love steak, I love salmon, I love whole eggs, bacon, deli meats, nuts, beans, all kinds of vegetables. That’s usually what occupies most of my diet. I love chili, and these are all things I can have.


The John Cena diet includes 1 “load day” per week. This is where he gets to binge on whatever he wants. Cena says his favorite load day foods include:

French toast, blueberry muffins, bananas, or a slice of pizza. With the nutrition plan I’m on, one day a week is my “load day” where I get to eat whatever I want.

 John Cena Weight Loss

John Cena is promoting his new weight loss program called BodyChange. The 10-week program is aimed at helping people lose weight and adhere to healthy habits for life. You work out 2x per week with John Cena as your personal online coach. Cena says that his dad lost 50 pounds, in 10 weeks, using BodyChange.


John Cena Gym

The John Cena gym is John Cena’s personal gym, which he calls “Hard Nocks.” About his Hard Nocks gym, he says it’s a place where a lot of WWE developmental talent works out. John Cena says he doesn’t have to let the new talent work out there, but he welcomes them to come in and work out. Regarding his interaction with them, John Cena says:

I don’t want them to come up and be like, ‘Don’t look him in the eye. Don’t talk to him…It shouldn’t be like that.’


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John Cena and Nikki Bella might be secretly engaged. Although John Cena is not a big fan of marriage, kids or growing up in general, a recent episode of Total Divas revealed them talking about wedding bells. Although the couple may be secretly engaged, they have not yet announced anything publicly.


John Cena and The Rock

Johen Cena and The Rock have had several epic brawls. To train for the WWE, they both have intense workouts. While John Cena’s workout is listed above, check out The Rock workout here. You can also see The Rock Workout for Hercules, or The Team Hercules workout he created for his fans.

John Cena is happy to use his real name, versus sporting a moniker like “The Rock.” Cena says:

There’s The Rock and then there’s Dwayne Johnson. There’s a distinct difference. I’m not like that; I’m me, what you see is what you get, so I’m actually glad to use my name.


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