How To Get A Joe Manganiello Body

Joe Manganiello Abs 2015 photo at the beach

In their latest issue, TRAIN Magazine reveals how to get a Joe Manganiello body. The Magic Mike star sat down with them to talk about how he does it. Joe Manganiello discussed his workout routine and diet. Not only did he get in shape for Magic Mike XXL, but he uses this workout routine to stay ripped all year long.

How To Get A Joe Manganiello Body On Magazine Cover

Joe Manganiello has a killer body. His six pack, alone, gets him the roles he wants in Hollywood. Joe Manganiello also landed the beautiful Sofia Vergara. The couple even announced their wedding date. So, it’s safe to say he does well in the lady department as well. But how does he do it? Things weren’t always rosy. Joe Manganiello admits to being fat and un-athletic as a child.

It took the help of a teacher/coach to understand how his body really works. Joe Manganiello soon learned how to eat right. By keeping bags of chicken, rice and vegetables in the fridge, he only ate healthy. Also, he was only taught to eat when he was hungry. These tricks, along with dedication in the weight room, quickly transformed his body.

Joe Manganiello Body Picture With Six Pack Abs

Joe Manganiello knows that getting an amazing body isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes a 24/7, 365-day approach. He takes some days off, here and there. But, he prefers to have just one cheat meal a week. The 6’5″ movie star is constantly in the gym doing these muscle building workouts. TRAIN magazine, a subsidiary of Bodybuilding, asked his about his exact training routine.

Joe Manganiello Magic Mike Workout

Specifically, they asked Joe Manganiello about his Magic Mike workout. The former True Blood star says his body has to be in good shape year round. This is not only for movie roles, but because it’s a part of who he is. Joe Manganiello’s workout motivation stems from a desire to always be getting better. The Magic Mike XXL star says:

I train so that I’m always at my physical best, and not just to look pretty. Bodybuilding has always been something I’ve loved. It’s inspired me to be in top physical shape all year round.

Still, at the age of 38 years-old, Joe Manganiello knew he had to train especially hard for Magic Mike XXL. He knew his co-stars, Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer and Kevin Nash, would be working hard, too. Joe Manganiello says he wanted to look like an athlete for the upcoming film. Joe’s advice for getting a better body:

If you want to look and move like a pro athlete then you have to train like one. Take is seriously and set a plan. Then, put in the work to fulfill that plan. Always go into your workouts with two things: a plan and a goal. Write them down!

So, here’s the Joe Manganiello workout. He used it for Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL and year-round as well. Note, that he always starts his workout with an abs circuit. Then, he works on his legs, arms, shoulders, chest and back. Now, Joe says:

I run a three day split. Chest and back, legs and triceps, shoulders and biceps. It’s always about pushing intensity, and it’s based on a concept called metabolic resistance training. Do conventional muscle building. Train at a high pace. Then, the key is try and maintain that high intensity for as long as you can.

  • Day 1: Chest/Back
  • Day 2: Legs/Triceps
  • Day 3: Shoulders/Biceps
  • Day 4: Chest/Back
  • Day 5: Legs/Triceps
  • Day 6: Shoulders/Back

Joe Manganiello does circuit workouts. So, you’re constantly moving from one exercise, to the next. When he’s done with a circuit, the Magic Mike XXL star typically rests for 1 minute. Then, he repeats the circuit at a different rep range. Manganiello’s reps vary each circuit. Joe says he’s typically doing 15, 12, 10, 8, 5 and 16. But, intensity (and proper form) are more important than those numbers.

Day 1: Chest & Back Workout

Joe Manganiello Chest & Back Workout How He Gets His Muscle Body

Day 2: Legs & Triceps Workout – Day 4: Chest & Back Workout

How to Get Joe Manganiello's Body With His Legs Arms Back Workout Charts

Day 5: Legs & Triceps Workout – Day 6: Shoulders & Biceps Workout

Joe Manganiello's Shoulder & Biceps Workout For A Better Body

How To Get Joe Manganiello Abs

Joe Manganiello starts every workout with an abs circuit. Known for having one of the most chiseled sets of abs in Hollywood, he pays special attention to his abs every workout. This is similar to what Ryan Reynolds did in his workouts for Blade Trinity. Ryan Reynolds knew that if you want your abs to take center stage, they have to get worked every day.

Joe Manganiello Abs 2015 photo at the beach

Your core is a group of small muscles. Smaller muscles get more defined with a lot of exercise. Since abs are small, focus on your abs before every workout to get a Joe Manganiello body. Larger muscles get bigger from lifting heavier forces later in your workout. For abs, Joe Manganiello does 15 minutes of cardio, followed by 3 circuits of:

Joe Manganiello Abs Workout Routine: 5 Exercises He Does

  • Hanging Leg Raise
  • Ab Crunches
  • Hip-Ups
  • Mountain Climbers

For an in-depth look at the workouts Joe Manganiello uses, see The True Blood Werewolf Workout and The Magic Mike Workout: How Joe Manganiello Got A Six-Pack.



  1. I will add it to my current magic mike workout :D 2 years with it and still loving it just making a few fixes like adding reverse drop sets,pyramids supersets or tri sets etc :D

    • Hey,

      This workout is better done as a circuit. Superset workouts are great (as I’m sure you know). But, they’re better when you’re working 2 different body parts. The idea behind supersets is that you’re giving one body part rest, while working another. In this workout, Manganiello is working the same body part. Research is showing this is (slightly) better than traditional bodybuilding. I haven’t seen any data on supersets vs. circuits, though.

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