Jessica Simpson Workout And Diet: Her Weight Loss Secrets

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Jessica Simpson Workout Routine | Friday

Here’s the Jessica Simpson workout routine for Friday. Do each exercise in the circuit once, then repeat 3 more times. Don’t rest between exercises. Rest each time you finish a circuit (1 set of each exercise).

Cardio 15 mins0 secs
Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows4200 secsCircuit #1Do each exercise in
Bicep curls into O/H press4200 secsCircuit #1the circuit once,
Triceps Extensions42060 secsCircuit #1then repeat each
Dumbbell Lunges4200 secsCircuit #2exercise 3 more times
DB Stiff-Legged Deadlift42060 secsCircuit #2to reach 4 total sets
Double Crunches4200 secsCircuit #3Then, proceed to this
Upward/Downward Dog410 each60 secsCircuit #3abs circuit
Cardio 15-30min0 secsGo between 5-30 mins

Harley Pasternak used to train Jessica Simpson to get in shape for a movie role, music video or fashion shoot. Now, he says the challenge is different:

She’s make incredible strides, but she knows there is more work to do. Unlike our previous work together, we’re no longer prepping for a film, a music video or a photo shoot. We’re training to make — and keep — her a healthy, hot mom. And that’s forever!

Some times, you are going to miss a day. You can always use Saturday to catch up. Also, there are times when Jessica Simpson is away from the gym. Her trainer says that he has heard every excuse as to why you can’t work out. He says you need to make time for yourself, not excuses. Here’s Harley Pasternak 5-move circuit to demolish exercise excuses.

Jessica Simpson Dukes of Hazzard Workout and Diet

To play Daisy Duke in Dukes of Hazzard, Jessica Simpson knew she would need a special workout and diet. The Jessica Simpson workout and diet for Dukes of Hazzard (2005) was crafted by Jessica’s friend and trainer Michael Alexander. In many ways the Jessica Simpson Dukes of Hazzard workout and diet is very similar to the 5 Factor approach.

Jessica Simpson Daisy Duke

The key difference is that Jessica does more exercises per day, weaves cardio in throughout the workout, and sticks to the same routine each day. Here’s the Jessica Simpson Dukes of Hazzard workout:

Jessica Simpson would do the following workout routine 5 times per week:

In each exercise, the first number is how many sets you do. The second number is how many reps per set. Here’s a page from People Magazine where trainer Michael Alexander talks about it:

jessica simpson workout for dukes of hazzard daisy duke

Here are the results of the the Jessica Simpson Dukes of Hazzard workout and diet, in video format:

Trainer Michael Alexander says the Jessica Simpson Dukes of Hazzard workout and diet was not about the scale. It was about Jessica Simpson being confident in working out hard and using a diet she knows would work. The Jessica Simpson diet for Dukes of Hazzard was called the “Don’t Eat Crap Diet.” This is what her trainer and Jessica termed it, while the details of the Jessica Simpson diet for Dukes of Hazzard were:

  • South Beach Diet:
  • low-carb, high protein
  • grilled chicken and vegetables
  • cheat snacks to a minimum

Jessica Simpson Daisy Duke Workout

Jessica Simpson says about her role as Daisy Duke:

When I found out I got the role, I went straight to the gym. Any character that has a pair of shorts named after her, you’ve gotta at least try to make the shorts look as good as you possibly can. I didn’t have a but, so I did a lot of squats…I can’t deprive myself of things because then I obsess about it and end up eating. I watched my diet and was in the gym to walk proud. My body is definitely an accomplishment.

Jessica Simpson workout trainer Michael Alexander says:

She realized her butt was going to be plastered on 50 ft. screens everywhere. That motivated her!

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss and Baby Weight

Jessica Simpson gained baby weight from her pregnancies. So, weight loss was very important to her after she had her child. While pregnant, Jessica Simpson told Extra:

I had a buttered Pop Tart this morning, I’m eating a lot of stuff that I ate in my childhood. Kraft mac n’ cheese, Pop Tarts, Cap n’ Crunch. Everything’s filled with sugar.

Jessica Simpson needed to lose baby weight after her first baby. So, she tapped trainer Harley Pasternak to focus on weight loss. Jessica Simpson and Harley Pasternak got back to work. Together, they focused on weight loss by sticking to the Jessica Simpson workout and diet that had worked in the past. Of course, they had to take it easy. Jessica Simpson could not do as much at first, but got better over time.

The key to her weight loss during this transformative time was wearing a pedometer. Jessica Simpson had to walk 10,000 steps every day. This may sound like a daunting task to some, but it gets easier as you move around more frequently during the day. Research shows that staying seated–even for one hour–turns off the fat burning mechanisms in your body. So, try get up and walk 1000 steps every hour and you’re at your goal. Or, at least get a 100 easy steps in every hour. Then, do a cardio workout at some point during the day.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Baby Weight

Also, Harley Pasternak got Jessica excited about drinking smoothies. Here is Harley Pasternak talking about the health benefits of smoothies. To help with her weight loss, Harley Pasternak wanted to make sure Jessica Simpson had to confidence to lose her baby weight. He did so by giving Jessica Simpson a 5-Factor Daily Health Checklist.

Trainer Harley Pasternak says:

Perhaps the biggest story this year in Hollywood bodies was Jessica’s amazing post-baby transformation. With the help of Weight Watchers point-based nutrition plan and three to four sessions a week with me, Jessica shed all her baby weight (and then some).

After her 2nd child, Jessica Simpson recently announced that she is back with Weight Watchers.

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