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Jessica Alba Workout & Diet: Get the 40-Minute 3-2-1 Workout Routine

Jessica Alba Pregnancy Workout

While she was pregnant, Jessica Alba worked with her trainer to stay in shape. She used less equipment, but made sure to still get a good workout. Also, she developed a love for yoga. She said the flexibility helped a lot when it was time to give birth. She continued to do the 3-2-1 workout, with a focus on balance exercises like planks. Her trainer says:

As her pregnancy progressed, we adapted my 3-2-1 training method to include more stretches and breathing techniques. The weights were reduced and performed seated rather than standing.

jessica alba pregnancy workout

Luckily, Jessica Alba was pregnant around the same time as Halle Berry. So, they did some of the workouts together. Once the babies were born, the two of them used Braganza’s 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone workout. Jessica gained about 25 pounds of weight while she was pregnant.

Those all came off doing the 3-2-1 workout for 12 weeks. During her pregnancy, her trainer said:

Jess has between 1700 and 2000 calories a day and burns close to 550 with workouts. In addition, Jess is breast-feeding, which experts say burns another 500 calories per day.

Workout Motivation

Jessica Alba is motivated to stay in shape. After her pregnancies, she is raring to go back in the gym. Her body is proof that she works out hard. Alba says that her body is not a genetic miracle, because many of her family members are overweight. Her trainer says:

She always gives me 100 percent, and her body shows it.

jessica alba body weight

Jessica Alba Workout Demonstration

Here is a personal trainer demonstrating part of Jessica Alba’s workout:

Jessica Alba CrossFit Workout

Recently, Jessica Alba started a CrossFit fitness routine. This Jessica Alba CrossFit workout routine includes:

  • Medicine Ball Cleans
  • Burpees
  • Toes to Bar
  • Wall Balls

Jessica Alba Diet Plan and Weight Loss

Working out only gets you so far. Weight loss comes from proper nutrition. Jessica Alba doesn’t like to use the word “diet,” but she does like to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, she says:

I hate the word diet because it feels so temporary. I’m not big on packaged food, I’m not big on fast food, I like fresh things.

The Jessica Alba diet mostly consists of:

  • fresh fruit
  • yogurt
  • whole eggs
  • whole grains
  • vegetables, especially leafy greens
  • seeds and nuts
  • Jessica’s trainer says that Pirate’s Booty, Aged White Cheddar is a great, 130 calorie snack
  • Strawberry & Watermelon flavored water
  • almonds with a pear
  • apple with mozzarella cheese
  • lean meats, while avoiding heavy dressings and buttery sauces

Jessica Alba adopted the South Beach diet back when it was popular. She now likes to eat a mostly raw food diet, but not 100% of the time. She sticks to eating fresh fruits and vegetables for the most part.

Jessica Alba Workout Routine

The Jessica Alba workout routine is performed in 3 total circuits. If you have an expert level of fitness, perform all three sets of the routine. For intermediate users, do 2 sets. Beginners can try doing the set only once, then working their way up from there. Do one minute of rest and stretching in between sets.

Sources for the Jessica Alba workout routine include:

  • Interviews with Jessica Alba
  • Shape Magazine, Self Magazine and Elle Magazine.
  • Interviews with Jessica Alba’s personal trainer, Ramona Braganza.
  • Ramona Braganza’s DVD 321 Training Method

Ramona Braganza Training Method

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