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Jessica Alba Workout & Diet: Get the 40-Minute 3-2-1 Workout Routine

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Thursday Workout Routine = 3-2-1 Upper Body Workout

Jessica Alba’s trainer explains why she broke down the workout the way she did:

Taking the boredom factor out of the 30 minutes of cardio, I broke the time into 3 x 10-minute segments of speed and grade changes.

Friday Workout Routine = 3-2-1 Lower Body Workout

Braganza says that she wants to keep Jessica going quickly throughout the entire workout:

The Strength segments are performed in a circuit, keeping intensity high. The final Core segment improves balance, agility and helps define and strengthen the abs and lower back.

Jessica Alba Workout Alternatives

Besides her typical workout routine, Jessica Alba also gets her alternative workout in by:

  • Going on nature hikes
  • Running after her small children
  • Group workouts with her husband and close friends

On the set, personal trainer Ramona Braganza takes the Jessica Alba workout to the actress. Filming Fantastic Four and X-Men, Braganza rented a trailer and had a fitness studio on the set. While filming the A-Team, Jessica Alba and Ramona Braganza did a Mt. Kilimanjaro climb for a workout.

jessica alba workout routine

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