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Jessica Alba Weight Loss

The Jessica Alba weight loss controversy has been stirring around in the news recently. Jessica Alba shared a picture on herself Instagram. While filming a movie in Thailand, the tweet showed dramatic weight loss. This included a “bony” ribcage that caused quite the uproar.

Her worst critics have even called Jessica Alba’s body “skeletal.” Critics claim the current Jessica Alba weight loss picture is too extreme. This is especially true, they say, for a mother of two. They question the body image she is portraying to her daughters Honor and Haven, 5 and 2.

Supporters for Jessica Alba are happy for her. Posting a picture having fun, and looking healthy, is great. They claim she is just “sucking in” her stomach in the picture because she is also screaming in it.

Here’s the skinny picture Jessica Alba shared on Instagram, showcasing her recent weight loss:

Jessica Alba Twitter


Did Jessica Alba go too far with her new weight loss? You decide!

Jessica Alba Weight Loss Critics


Jessica Alba’s weight loss critics include Radar Online and The Inquisitor. Radar Online, criticized her by saying:

Alba’s ribs were protruding and her arms seemed skeletal.

Jessica Alba is currently in Thailand filming a new movie project, Mechanic: Resurrection (2016) with Jason Statham and Tommy Lee Jones. Her weight loss is the result of CrossFit workouts and a healthy diet. Alba first lost 30 pounds after being pregnant with her daughter, Haven.

Jessica Alba’s weight loss continues to move forward. After giving birth to her daughter, Haven, she has been on a non-stop fitness routine. Alba’s fitness regimen combines cardio, weights and yoga for 90 minute workouts 4 times a week.

Jessica Alba Twitter
Jessica Alba Twitter

Alba likes to start her workout with sprint intervals, usually at-home, she says. Jessica Alba says she will sprint for one minute, then walk for 30 seconds and repeat. She does this for 30-45 minutes, before training with weights.

Jessica Alba Weight Loss Workout

The Jessica Alba weight loss workout is courtesy of her Hollywood CrossFit trainer, Yumi Lee. In this video, PopSugar worked out with Jessica Alba’s trainer, Yumi Lee. They go through all the exercises that comprise Jessica Alba’s 10-minute CrossFit Workout.

Here is Jessica Alba’s trainer showing you how to do the Jessica Alba CrossFit workout with weights:

Jessica Alba Instagram

Many celebrities, along with the public as a whole, are joining the CrossFit movement. CrossFit generates such buzz because it’s so different from traditional cardio. There’s also a very supportive social scene central to the CrossFit community (versus the competition for equipment you’ll find at a local gym).

To find a CrossFit gym near you:

Jessica Alba is currently working out in Thailand with personal trainer Omar Lopez, from Hot 8 Yoga. Lopez specializes in yoga, dance and martial arts. Here’s another 10 minute video that shows one of Omar Lopez’ yoga workouts:

Here’s a short Instagram video of Jessica Alba working out with personal trainer Omar Lopez in Thailand. Alba is also doing cardio boxing to stay in shape. Here’s a recent picture of Jessica Alba, and her trainer, after a hot yoga workout in Thailand:


Jessica Alba Wears Corset For Weight Loss

Jessica Alba wore a corset for 3 months to aid in her weight loss. She did this after both pregnancies to lose weight. About wearing the corset, Jessica Alba says:

I wore a double corset day and night for three months. It was sweaty, but worth it. It was brutal, it’s not for everyone.

The corset was made by a company called Glamour Boutique. Most doctors agree there is little evidence that wearing a corset can help you lose weight. Wearing tight clothing won’t deter fat stores on your body.

Still, less is known about why wearing a corset for weight loss may be successful. The truth is that there may a be a psychological effect from wearing a corset. Wearing a corset also makes you become fixated on your goal of weight loss.


Doing something as dramatic as wearing a corset helped Jessica Alba. When all she wanted to do was get rid of the corset, it became a reminder of her weight loss goals. Jessica Alba knew she had to stick to a proper diet and exercise routine

If she didn’t, she was never going to be able to take the corset off. Jessica found that the corset served a purpose, with it: you’re less likely to reach for something bad to eat. It has a certain way of applying pressure to you, and reminding you about your dietary goals.

Jessica Alba Workout Motivation

On workout out, Jessica Alba workout motivation comes from her friends. In a Women’s Health interview, Jessica talked about having a support network so that working out is fun. Or, at least a little more bearable.


My favorite workouts usually include my friends. I think working out really boring. And, I kind of hate it. So, as long as my friends are there, and we can laugh, it makes the time fly by.

On Live with Kelly and Michael, Jessica Alba admitted that she also works out to relieve stress. Alba says that if she’s not with her friends, she needs a constant distraction to work out. Jessica Alba opts for “live TV or listening to loud hip-hop” she says.

Alba also likes to eat, especially her kids leftovers. Between the stress of running a company, acting and having a family, Alba looks for something to keep her on-the-ball, and focused. Working out does just that. This is how Jessica Alba says she is able to balance everything in her life!