Jennifer Lopez Workout: How She Got Her Famous Backside

Jennifer Lopez “Tracy Anderson” Workout Detailed

Here is the Jennifer Lopez “Tracy Anderson” workout detailed. She does this at least twice a week. Start by doing as many reps as you can comfortably of each exercise. Jennifer Lopez aims for 20 reps (minimum each exercise). J. Lo says she often uses the Tracy Anderson Method: Dance Cardio Workout (Get on Amazon) while traveling.

Here’s a Tracy Anderson Workout that Jennifer Lopez loves to do:

Jennifer Lopez Workout With Tracy Anderson Routine

Tracy Anderson Routine:

  • Second Position Plies
  • Hip Stretches
  • Body Bends
  • Body Rocks
  • Leg Bends
  • Leg Pulses
  • Knee-to-Shoulders
  • Ab Crunches
  • Ab Crunch & Extends
  • In & Out Crunches
  • 90 Degree Crunches
  • Circle Rotations
  • Wrist Rotations
  • Twisting Rotations

Tracy Anderson Warmup Exercises

Second Position Plie (50-100 reps)
Bend at the knees, with arms out at the side.

Hip Stretches
Push hips out to each side, stretching your muscles. Stretch out to the right, then to the left. Push your core and hips against the rest of your body.

Body Bends
Reach for the ground, with your arms out. Bend at the waist, then roll back up to standing position.

Body Rocks
From second position, bring your elbows to your knees. Then roll your body, by pressing against your knees and rocking back and forth. Roll back up.

Tracy Anderson Lower Body Workout

Leg Bends
Lift up one leg up at a time. Your knee should bend and turn out, to take your leg up into the sky. Take your foot up as far as your hip will allow it to go.

Leg Pulses
Keep your leg straight, and one at a time, lift it up while keeping it straight. Again, let your hip determine how far you can go. Be conscious of every muscle in your leg, toes pointing up.

Hold your leg straight out from your hip. Then, bring your knee to your shoulders. Take it out to the side, then return it straight back. Bring your leg as far over as you can. Push yourself, so that your range of motion increases over time.

Repeat sequence with your other leg.

Tracy Anderson Abs Workout

Crunch up your abs as you go up, then relax them as you go back down each time.

Crunch & Extend
Cross your right leg over your left. Crunch up then extend into the air. Switch legs after 10, repeat.

In & Out Crunches
Now, have your legs spread out to the side. Crunch Up, taking your right leg over the left. Return to starting position.

90 Degrees Crunches
Crunch up 90 degrees, then come down. Now, spread your legs out, then bring them back together.

Tracy Anderson Arms Workout

Circle Rotations
50 Forward, then 50 Back. Rotate from your wrists, using your arms as their own resistance. The wrist is where you want to focus, as they activate the muscle movements in your arms.

Wrist Rotations
Now, break your rotations at the wrist. Bring your arm up, then back down.

Twisting Rotations
Last, in a similar motion, bring your elbow to your hip.

Then, you do the entire sequence all over again. Tracy Anderson is famous for helping many celebrities get in shape, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez On the Tracy Anderson Workout

When traveling, Jennifer Lopez uses the Tracy Anderson Method to stay in shape. She loves this workout method, after having been to the personal studio of Tracy Anderson. There, Tracy Anderson said:

Jennifer has an insane ability to move and connect with her body. Jennifer knows what it feels like to be in what she calls ‘fighting shape.’ And after twins, it doesn’t just come back.

Jennifer Lopez loves the Tracy Anderson workouts because they focus on the smaller muscles as well. Tracy Anderson says:

Don’t over-exercise large muscles. The large muscles in the legs are massive, and they want to become even more massive. Don’t do the same repetitive movements over and over and don’t use heavy resistance.

Anderson has a sense of urgency about her. She says that now is the time to workout:

You need to start now and actually make fitness a part of your lifestyle and then you can actually enjoy it and keep it. Don’t feel like you have to be perfect. Even if you can’t get perfect this summer, next summer you can.

See Jennifer Lopez’ Diet On The Next Page.

Jennifer Lopez Diet

The Jennifer Lopez diet is mostly about portion control. She has tried many specialty diet, such as the Dukan diet made popular by Kate Middleton. But, she has found that portion control is the key. Jennifer Lopez diets by eating six, small meals throughout the day. She has an assistant that brings her snacks at just the right time.

jennifer lopez workout diet

Her trainer, Gunnar Peterson, says to:

Eat clean food as lose to its natural state as possible. Leafy greens, fruts, some complex carbs and adequate protein. Beef is fine if you want it, but I’d keep it only oat once a week. And plenty of water

Jennifer Lopez says that diet is as important as fitness, since:

You can hide a lot with good clothes, but when you’re doing a video, you really can’t , because the clothes get smaller. Portion control is the key.

When trying to conceive, Jennifer Lopez was having trouble. So, she went to the doctor who first recommended eating more spinach:

Since my doctor recommended it, I’ve been on spinach omelets for breakfast, spinach salad for lunch, and sauteed spinach with ever dinner.

The one cleanse Jennifer Lopez recommends is the Optimal cleanse. This is a rice protein based diet, where you drink shakes every few hours. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t like most food fasts because:

I think its too hard on you. But this is something that cleans out everything that builds up. Of course, you drop a few pounds. I do if for 5 days when I need a break from eating bad. It’s not a fast, you just drink liquid.

Jennifer Lopez Workout Alternatives

Jennifer Lopez also like to do alternate workouts to stay in shape. She is often found outdoors or in a dance studio, and also doing:

  • Triathlons
  • TRX training
  • Zumba dancing
  • Boxing

jennifer lopez triathlon workout

Jennifer Lopez Fitness Plan

Sources for the Jennifer Lopez fitness plan include:

  • Interviews with Jennifer Lopez.
  • Interviews with trainers Tracy Anderson and Gunnar Peterson.
  • Tracy Anderson Method Studio, where Jennifer Lopez often trains.
  • Magazine Interviews in People, Fitness Magazine, and Glamour Magazine.

J Lo Workout Cover Mag

J. Lo workout boxing

Jennifer Lopez Weight and Height

Jennifer Lopez weighs 124 pounds (56kg) and is 5’6 (167.5 cm.) She gained 50 pounds for her first pregnancy, giving birth to twins. After giving birth to twins, J Lo lost 50 pounds in one year!

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    • They all work out with the same trainer, Hollywood celebrity Gunnar Peterson. The workout is from his book: The Workout Core Secrets from Hollywood’s #1 Trainer.

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