How Jennifer Lopez Stays So Young

JLo Face How She Stays Young
Ever wondered, “How Jennifer Lopez Stays So Young?” We all want to know! Luckily, Jennifer Lopez recently dished out some of her “Fountain-Of-Youth” secrets. In the January issue of US WEEKLY, Jennifer Lopez shares her beauty, fitness, and diet advice.

How Jennifer Lopez Stays So Young on cover of US WeeklyJennifer Lopez says looking, and feeling, young starts by making the right choices. While many celebrities are out partying, JLo avoids drinking alcohol and caffeine entirely. When not at home, she’s working on her next project, a Las Vegas residency performance. Jennifer Lopez’ new show is Vegas is entitled, “All I Have,” and starts in January.

Summary: Jennifer Lopez Secrets For Staying Young

Jennifer Lopez’ secrets for staying young, and looking ageless, include:

  • No Alcohol or Caffeine, Ever!
  • Keeping Busy, but staying grounded with meditation.
  • Spending time with her kids, quite the balancing act.
  • Staying active/busy with many different roles
  • Only wearing makeup when she has to (working).
  • A low-calorie diet, high in protein and healthy carbs.
  • Surrounding herself with a great staff, and a variety of workout trainers.

Balancing Act

Jennifer Lopez says her life is a balancing act between being a mother, singer, TV star and performer. With so many things to do, staying active is easy to for her to do. But, there are many pitfalls along the way. As busy as she is, stress can take it’s toll. The 46-year-old, mother of two (Max and Emme), just finished wrapping up a TV show, Shades of Blue.

Jennifer Lopez with her kids is a balancing actWhen not finding the next American Idol, Jennifer Lopez loves spending time at home with her kids. As every mother knows, parenting can have it’s ups and downs. She loves every moment with them, often sharing the latest musical hit. They often practice their dance moves together. Jennifer Lopez’ advice if you want to stay young, when it comes to parenting, is simple:

You have to put your foot down.

Transcendental Meditation

Jennifer Lopez says dealing with all the stress is tough, but she has found ways to cope with it all. JLo learned Transcendental Meditation to help channel her emotions, and keep her stress levels in check. In January 2016, she told US WEEKLY:

I learned Transcendental Meditation this year because it’s overwhelming at times. Doing all of the things I do, at once.

Jennifer Lopez goes on to say that she’s always looking for things that keep her focused. By meditating for 20 minutes, 2x a day, JLo feels she is being grounded. Despite her busy schedule, transcendental meditation keeps her on the right path. With JLo’s multiple full-time jobs, she has found it even more important to gain a sense of inner peace. She says this new perspective is crucial to her success.

How JLo Stays Young

JLo stays so young by sticking to her routine. To add a challenge, her routine is always in flux. Since she was young, JLo has maintained an awesome figure by working out harder than the next person. Back in the nineties, JLo was a Fly Girl. Even then, she talks about her workout routine, and how everyone thought she was crazy. From there, to put it simply, JLo never stopped moving to her own beat. She told US WEEKLY:

It’s a whole rounded regimen…It’s working out, it’s dancing, it’s meditating. At the end of the day, it’s about just being happy, being with my kids…All of that helps balance out, so work doesn’t feel so crazy.

Jennifer Lopez Body Wearing White Gown Dress

Jennifer Lopez also says sleep is really important to her.

I love to get a good 9 or 10 hours sleep. But, I can never get that. So, 7 or 8 is mandatory. Otherwise, I just don’t feel right. I start feeling crazy, I get emotional and I feel tired all of the time.

JLo told US WEEKLY her daily makeup routine (when not performing) is super low-key, not anything special. Jennifer Lopez says that staying young involves giving your skin a break.

I just wash and moisturize, because I wear so much makeup when I’m working. I don’t like to wear makeup at all when I’m off. I’ve never been one to take in a lot of sun, which is why my skin has maintained itself.

Staying Young With A High-Quality Diet

Jennifer Lopez says her main secret for staying young is a high-quality diet. JLo uses a low-calorie diet, high in protein and healthy carbs. Here’s a sample she provided to US WEEKLY:

  • Breakfast is a protein shake, often with quinoa milk or water (90 cal).
  • Lunch is a salad and fresh fish. JLo likes to add a lot of veggies to spruce up her meal.
  • Dinner is meat with more veggies and a high-quality carbohydrate like quinoa.

JLo Diet Staying Young With Protein Shakes, Salads, QuinoaJLo notes that helping your kids to eat right means eating right, yourself. You have to set a good example. Jennifer Lopez told US WEEKLY that she is proud of teaching her kids to eat green vegetables, including:

  • Asparagus
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Broccoli
  • Kale

Remaining Ageless With A Variety Of Help

Jennifer Lopez says the key to remaining ageless comes from using a variety of help. There are so many pitfalls, you simply can’t do it alone. She uses a variety of workout trainers. This helps keep her workouts fresh, and up-to-date on the latest trends. JLo’s trainers include Tracy Anderson (Gwyneth Paltrow’s dance/weights instructor), Bob Roth (meditation guru) and David Kirsch (Kate Upton’s trainer).

JLo workout trainers tracy anderson, bob roth, and david kirsch

Through it all, Jennifer Lopez has learned that if you want to stay young:

Make sure to have a great support staff and take moments to have gratitude for what you have.

JLo Face How She Stays Young

After all, no one lives forever. It’s just about enjoying life, and living it to the fullest. In the end, it’s “Your Memories That Make You Rich.” So, always remember to stop once in a while, just to take it all in.

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