Jennifer Lawrence Workout: Getting Fit For Hunger Games

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Jennifer Lawrence Workout Tuesday Routine

  • Morning: Sprints
  • Afternoon: Archery/Yoga
  • Evening: Bike


Jennifer Lawrence Workout: Sprints

  1. Cardio Warm Up: Skipping back and forth
  2. Cardio Warm Up: Marching for 1/2 mile
  3. Grapevines (5 mins)
  4. Side-To-Side Steps (5 mins)
  5. Sprints: 200-meters x2
  6. Sprints: 150-meters x2
  7. Sprints: 100-meters x2
  8. Stair Jumps (20 mins)

After an amazing sprinting session, Dr. Horrigan says everything finally clicked for Jennifer Lawrence:

Jennifer just kept getting better and better, taking it day by day. Then one day after sprints, she said, “That was right, I got it!,” and, I said “Yes, you did!”

Jennifer Lawrence worked with Olympic medalist, Khatuna Lorig, to train for archery. They trained together 3-4 times per week. When asked is Jennifer Lawrence had any experience, Khatuna Lorig says:

No, she absolutely never had any experience. She was very curious the first day. As a coach, we’re always looking for a long neck, long arms. It was easy for me to align the string on her face. She had long arms, and a very good personality. We started with just 50 arrows a day. She needed to look good for the camera. She had to make sure her shoulders were aligned correctly.

The Jennifer Lawrence workout uses yoga in the afternoon to stretch her long and lean, toned body:

Talking about the Jennifer Lawrence yoga workout, trainer Dr. Joe Horrigan says:

There are days that we call unloading days, which means very low intensity, very low volume, just to let her body recover.

Jennifer Lawrence Workout Wednesday Routine

Here’s the Jennifer Lawrence Workout Wednesday Routine:

  • Morning: Agility
  • Afternoon: Archery
  • Evening: Bike


Jennifer Lawrence Workout: Agility

  1. Cardio Warm Up: Cardio warm up on stationary bike (10 minutes)
  2. Lower Body Warm Up: Walking Lunges (15-20 reps per leg)
  3. Jump Squats (30 secs on / 30 secs rest)
  4. Lateral Lunges (10 reps each leg)
  5. Step Ups onto bench (10 reps each leg)
  6. Pushups (20 reps, use knees if necessary)
  7. Straight-Leg Sit-Ups (15 reps)
  8. Side Planks (30 secs hold)
  9. Repeat each exercise 3 more times (rest 60 secs between sets)
  10. Medicine Ball Workout
  11. Evening – (30 Minutes on a stationary bike)

Jennifer Lawrence workout trainer, Dr. Horrigan, says [Director]:

Gary [Ross] was clear in how he saw Katniss. He said that she’s a young woman. And, he felt that a very muscular appearance was not in order. He felt that Jennifer looked fine, but we needed to get her lighter.

Here’s some behind the scenes action from Jennifer Lawrence playing Katniss in Hunger Games. It shows the shape that Jennifer Lawrence had to be in to film the movie:

Jennifer Lawrence workout trainer, Dr. Joe Horrigan, talks about introducing ‘skipping’ into the Jennifer Lawrence workout:

Sometimes we used old-fashioned skipping. She took off and would skip back and forth with a ear-to-ear grin on her face. Saying, ‘How could I not bet happy skipping.

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