Jen Selter Workout Motivation Pump Yourself Up To Workout

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Jen Selter Workout Motivation

Jen Selter workout motivation is crucial in getting her to the gym. Jen Selter says you can pump yourself up to workout through many different avenues. Mostly, it’s all about the goal of attaining a better body. She says the key is to make working out a habit constantly you develop over time.

Jen Selter started posting on social media for workout motivation, not popularity. She told Vanity Fair:

When I started posting pictures of myself, I was looking for motivation. I never thought that I would be the motivation, but suddenly people were looking up to me. I didn’t plan to promote myself on social media, it really just happened.

Instagram @JenSelter

Jen Selter says that her goal, at first, with all this social media exposure was motivation. Now, she has so many fans that it has become a responsibility. Fitness pictures and #Belfies not only inspire her to get better, but also inspire millions of people on their journey to living a fit lifestyle. Jen Selter says about fitness and motivation:

It’s cool seeing your body transform. That’s what motivates me. Fitness isn’t just about looks. It’s about how you feel.

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Jen Selter says about workout motivation:

Making anything a habit from exercise to eating right is a matter of wanting something bad enough. One strategy for acquiring a new habit is to imagine the benefits of that habit. In the case of exercise, picture yourself in great shape. Find your goal body and look at it everyday!

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Jen Selter’s list of workout motivation includes thinking about:

  1. How you feel after a workout. I always feel great after a good workout. It’s a natural high to me. Next time you feel like skipping your workout think about how amazing you feel AFTER. You know that you are a step closer to your goal now!
  2. How you’re going to look if you keep working hard. Now let that visualization drive you!
  3. It’s a perfect stress reliever. Running, biking, jumping rope, or any cardio type of exercise will help your body relieve stress.
  4. Looking at fitness pictures motivates me.
  5. A workout partner. Having a motivating exercise partner can push you, just like having a personal trainer. makes it more fun!
  6. Your before picture.You often don’t realize how far you’ve come. Take pictures. Who doesn’t love seeing progress?!
  7. I hate how I feel after not exercising for a few days. So I remind myself of that feeling when I feel lazy and tired.
  8. Music! Make a good gym playlist ! Whether I am running outside or at a gym, music helps me push harder and focus more.

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Jen Selter Fitness Video

You can find the Jen Selter workout here.

Here is a Jen Selter workout motivation video for her fitness fans:

Inspiration From Fans

Jen Selter was touched recently when she was sent this letter. It shows that not only is she inspiring herself to workout harder, but that many others are also inspired by her. Inspiration from fans is now another source of Jen Selter’s workout motivation.


Workout Results

Jen is quick to remind her fans that workout results don’t come overnight. Sticking to your fitness regimen (and diet) are the keys to achieving your goals. Jen Selter reminds her fans:

Results do not happen overnight. Be patient and never give up. Always remember to push yourself. You’ll be surprised at what your body can achieve once you’ve set your mind into it.

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