Jamie Dornan Workout | 50 Shades of Grey

The Jamie Dornan workout helped him get bigger for the famous role of Christian Grey. For the role, Jamie Dornan used Iron Fit to bulk up and lose weight.

A high energy person, Jamie Dornan is able to eat whatever he wants and maintain his great shape. His hyperactive nature means he has to find productive ways to keep his body moving at all times.


For 50 Shades of Grey, the Christian Grey workout was implemented by his trainers at Iron Fit in Belfast. Their workouts help people get in shape quickly, and highly resemble CrossFit type of workouts.

Iron Fit Gym


Considering Jamie Dornan, the star of 50 Shades of Grey, only had a month to get in shape, he needed the expertise that Iron Fit offered. The Jamie Dornan workout utilized the expertise of the Iron Fit trainers in order to play the role of Christian Grey.

Jamie Dornan Tweeted this picture of himself workout at the the Iron Fit gym in Belfast:


Jamie Dornan Workout Routine

Here are some workout videos produced by Iron Fit. They are examples of the workout routine Jamie Dornan was put through to get in shape for the role of Christian Grey.

Based on their YouTube videos, Iron Fit workouts include the following:

Iron Fit Workout #1

Sledge Hammers330 secs
Battle Rope330 secs
Kettlebell Swings330 secs
Iron Fit Workout Trainers
Iron Fit Workout Trainers

Iron Fit Workout #2

Ring Pushups5Circuit
Bent-Over Rows1010 Mins
Power Lunges20Total

(Do as many circuits of these exercises as you can, for 10 minutes.)

Iron Fit Workout #3

Core Pike Slideouts105 (Rounds)
Aussie Pullups105 (Rounds)
Prowler Sled100m5 (Rounds)
Iron Fit Reviews

These are “quick versions” of actual Iron Fit workouts. Chain multiple workouts together, if you have enough time to get a full workout in. For all their workout videos, check out the Iron Fit YouTube Videos page.

Jamie Dornan Prepping For 50 Shades

Jamie Dornan did a lot of work prepping for 50 Shades of Grey. To keep himself moving, Jamie Dornan tweeted about sports that his favorite ways to stay in shape are golf, skiing and soccer. Talking about 50 Shades of Grey, Dornan says:

I take decent enough care of myself…I’m gonna up it slightly with training. But, we don’t have any intention to really bulk up.


He told The Guardian he has a condition that keeps his body’s adrenaline at abnormally high levels. What does he do with such a condition? He makes the best of it by doing pushups and other exercises. The Iron Fit style of workouts give him something to do when he’s feeling edgy. He says:

I’m quite hyper, and my wife would prefer it if I sat down and read a book.

To channel all of his energy into working out, Jamie Dornan is finding ways to stay constantly moving. When he’s not doing an Iron Fit workout or one of his favorite sports, he even resorts to activities like pogo-sticks. A few years back, he tweeted:

My pogo-stick pursuit across the desert is off to a good start. Feel fit and bouncy. The only way is up…and down and up…

While filming 50 Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan says:

There’s a lot of hanging around, so I use any downtime to work on my arms and core with variations of press-ups and crunches.

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey


Before gaining the role of Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan was a famous Calvin Klein model. He was called the “Male Kate Moss” by some media outlets, while the NY Times proclaimed he has the “Golden Body.” When asked what his secret to fitness is, Dornan told Men’s Health:

It really is just all about press-ups every day. I’ll aim to do around 50 first thing in the morning, and loads more throughout the day.

Jamie Dornan’s Workout Motivation

Aside from wanting to fit into his roles, like Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan’s workout motivation stems from urban rage. He sometimes hates being in the city, or around fake people. Jamie Dornan told Men’s Health:

I get worked up quite easily. You know that kind of urban rage thing. People getting in front of you, or odd stuff like people being too smiley…I do go to the gym to escape a little, and it works.

Jamie Dornan Beats Winter By Skiing

Jamie Dornan says he beats the Winter season by skiing. He told Men’s Health:

I combat the winter blow-out by skiing as often as possible. I work really hard at it. The beauty is that you feel you’ve earned your pint at the end of the day.

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