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How To Get Six Pack Abs With Rob Riches

How To Get Six Pack Abs: Decline Lying Leg Raises

To get six pack abs, Rob Riches does Decline Lying Leg Raises (aka “Leg Ups” or “Hip Ups”). Here is a video of Rob Riches explaining and performing Decline Leg Raises:

Rob Riches explains what he calls the Decline Lying Leg Raises:

If you’re doing the exercise right, you’re gonna feel it working. This is a great exercise for working the obliques. The whole musculature has to work to get my hips up. My torso is fixed all the time. I’m merely closing the angle up using my abs.


Getting Six Pack Abs: Double Crunches

The next step in getting six pack abs are Double Crunches. This is the standard ab crunch, coupled with an extra movement at the end. Rob Riches also shows you how to do twists as a variation to the Double Crunch.

Twists are good to do at the very end, when you only have a few reps left and really want to turn up the heat. Also, by adding a twist to the Double Crunch or V-Up is that you engage the obliques. Here’s the video where Rob Riches shows you how to get six pack abs with Double Crunches:

An ab crunch is one of the best for hitting the upper abdominals. But, with the legs up and adding a lower crunch in as well, I have a Double Crunch action. I’m working my lower abs, and my upper abs, and having to stabilize.

If you feel this  exercise is too easy, you can even add a weight, as Rob Riches will show you above. Celebrity Trainer Harley Pasternack, who works with many Hollywood celebrities, explains Double Crunches to his clients by saying:

Fold your body up like a clam by bringing your sternum and belly button toward each other.

How To Get Six Pack Abs: Side Crunches or Side Twists

The next to last abs exercise in the “How to Get Six Pack Abs” series is Side Crunches or Side Twists. This abs exercise is important for getting that V-Cut and tight, tapered obliques. Rob Riches says he is often asked:

How do you get that V-Cut look?


Rob says:

Well, to be honest we all have that. There is a layer of body fat that hides it on most of us. This exercise is really good for hitting the [obliques]. Part of the intercostals and obliques that come down. The muscles that help twist, rotate, and bend the upper torso. By adding a side bend with a rotation we really involve to curl up our side torso and then rotate around.

Do each abs exercise in a good tempo, but certainly never longer than 4 seconds. It’s okay to go faster on the way down, but go slowly to engage your six pack on the way back up. Breathe out as you go up. Breathe in through your nose, as you go back down.

Also, Rob says to make sure that you’re breathing. In fact, exaggerate your breathing:

I’m consciously aware that I’m breathing. There’s no point doing the repetitions if you’re holding your breath.  Your breathing to build up the pressure in the circulatory system of the blood. Also, by breathing really hard I’m using my diaphragm…By breathing I tense my abs. I get more of a contraction. A deeper contraction, and I’m more focused.

If you don’t have a Swiss Ball, you can do Side Twists, aka Seated Bar Twists. This exercise is again to taper that V-Cut. This ab exercise is all about high repetition 50-100 reps.

Just because these are easy, it is still important to actively engage your muscles.

Try to engage every muscle that your working each exercise. And that doesn’t just apply to training abs. When your training chest, shoulders, biceps, legs, every muscles group when you work out. You should be actively thinking about engaging that muscle. Contract, pause, feel that contraction, then on that eccentric phase, feel the weight come back down.

Single-Arm Elbow Rotations

The last exercise is Single-Arm Elbow Rotations. Here’s a video where Rob Riches explains the Single-Arm Elbow Rotation exercise:


This is another exercise that works the obliques. Rob starts with the abs exercises that require the most energy. Then, he works toward the more isolated ab exercises.

Keep everything but your abs fixed (immovable). This makes sure that you’re working your abs, and not other parts of your body.

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