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How To Get Six Pack Abs With Rob Riches

How To Get Six Pack Abs

Rob Riches shows you How To Get Six Pack Abs in the videos below. The best exercises for your abs are those that isolate the upper abs, lower abs and obliques. Your abs are multiple sheets of muscles. So to get six pack abs, you want to perform exercises that are high in reps and work that “sheet” or core. The key is to work on definition through these exercises, while lowering your body fat.


By working with high reps you increase the definition of your abs. The obliques exercises in this workout help taper your abs, giving you a V-Cut. The secret to six pack abs is working your upper abs, lower abs and obliques at high reps, in a way that doesn’t bulk them up. Fitness Model Rob Riches shows you his top 6 exercises known as the “How To Get Six Pack Abs” series.


Rob Riches says that to get six pack abs, you have to rethink what your abs are all about. Some people think they need weights to build your abs out. But, you don’t want to build your abs outward, because that is rather difficult to do. Rob Riches says:

If you think of the abs as a sheet of muscle…you have the core, the abdominals who’s function is to rotate, bend and flex. So, we want to try and incorporate as many different exercises as we can to focus on all of those movements. And, some of them use more than one movement.

Rob says to start with 1 whole circuit. Work your way up from there. Aim for 15-25 reps for each of the abdominal exercises. Superset one exercise, followed by the next exercise. This way, you’re working all the different aspects of your abs, without wearing them out too quickly.

How To Get Six Pack Abs With Rob Riches

Hanging Knee Lifts315-25Superset entire workout:
Cable Crunch315-25Do one set of each abs exercise.
Decline Lying Leg Raises (aka "Leg Ups")315-25Move onto the next exercise--circuit format.
Double Crunches (Ab Crunches with a V-Up)315-25Add a twist during the last few reps if you can.
Side Crunches315-25Do Side Twists 50 reps (Easier / Obliques) if you don't have a Swiss ball
Single-Arm Cable Rotation315-25Focus on each movement, throughout the circuit.

Six Pack Abs List (With Alternate Names and/or Where It Works Your Abs):

  • Hanging Knee Lifts (Lower Abs)
  • Cable Crunch (Upper Abs)
  • Decline Lying Leg Raises (aka “Leg Ups” for Lower Abs)
  • Double Crunches (Ab Crunches with a V-Up for Upper and Lower Abs, Adding a Twist works the Obliques)
  • Side Crunches (For Obliques) or Side Twists (Easier / Obliques)
  • Single-Arm Cable Rotation (Obliques)

Once you’ve mastered 1 set of the circuit, there’s no limit. Rob Riches advises doing 3 circuits of 15-25 reps per exercise. (When competing, Rob Riches says he ups his routine to a total of 1000 reps per day)!

How To Get Six Pack Abs Exercises:

Here’s Rob Riches video explanation on How To Get Six Pack Abs:

Above is just a starter video, where Rob goes into the strategy on how to get six pack abs. Again, the key is that your abs aren’t like the rest of the muscle in your body. Your core is a series of muscles that need high reps and lots of variation for six pack abs. That’s why Rob Riches does so many different exercises.

Hanging Knee Lifts For Lower Abs

Rob Riches starts with “Hanging Knee Lifts For Lower Abs” because they take the most energy. See more about Hanging Knee Lifts here. Rob Riches does up to 50 repetitions of hanging knee lifts. He uses arm supports so he can keep his core engaged, instead of being focused on his grip. If you don’t use arm supports, then hanging knee lifts will look more like this.


Rob Riches tips to get a six pack while doing Hanging Knee Lifts:

  • Keep your upper body rigid.
  • Flex lower hips forward to close the angle between your hips and shoulders.
  • Think of this as the opposite of the ab crunch.
  • Don’t swing your legs, but engage your rectus abdominis through the abs exercise.
  • Squeeze your abs as you move your legs forward.
  • Breathe out as you bring your knees up, breathing in as you lower your knees back down.

Advanced version: Keep your legs straight for 10-15 reps throughout the exercise.

How To Get Six Pack Abs: Cable Crunches

Rob Riches then uses the Cable Crunch for Upper Abs. He explains that abs are unique because they’re a sheet of muscle. This means you can’t really build them out. They aren’t like your biceps or  Instead, Rob Riches says you can get six pack abs by:

Having low enough body fat levels so that you’re nice and lean. And, you have that in depth imprint.  As opposed to building the abdominal muscles out so that they become blocky…It’s that ripped, chiseled look you want in your abdominal region.

Because your abs can’t really benefit from using weights, Rob Riches prefers movements where you can get a full range of motion. Here’s Rob Riches showing you how to get six pack abs with the Cable Crunch:

Rob Riches says the secret to Cable Crunches is to keep your body in a fixed position, so that your abs are doing the work. He says:

I’ve got my arms in a fixed position. I’m not putting my arms down with the rope like that. I’m keeping my whole upper body fixed, and flexing at mu torso. It’s my abdominals that I have to contract. And, pull my shoulders down to my torso.


Rob says to stop for a second between each rep in order to stay in control:

I’m not swinging up and down each movement. I’m controlling the movement. At the end of each movement, I’m pausing momentarily just to reduce any momentum that I may have built up from swinging up and down. So again, I’m really engaging the ab muscles to do the work.

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