Home Leg Workouts: Using a Chair and Free Weight

Home leg workouts

Home Leg Workouts

Home Leg workouts can be done with simply a chair and an optional free weight or sandbag. Strong legs keep you healthy and injury free. This workout is designed to increase the lean muscle of your legs. Lean muscle helps you burn calories. Simply the more lean muscle you have, the more it burns calories. Lean muscle helps athletes perform faster, whether its sprinting faster, jumping higher, or changing directions.

Home leg workouts

According to celebrity trainer Harry Pasternack, most men hate to do gym-style heavy weight training for legs. It’s great for you if you want big legs, and don’t mind being sore all the time. But Pasternack says most men don’t want this. One, they aren’t interested in getting huge legs. Second, it makes them sore for when they try to do cardio. Thus, most men are looking for something to gain lean muscle, and still have the ability to cardio. If that’s the case, then this home leg workout may be for you.

Women love home leg workouts like this one because of their focus on building lean muscle. Also, you don’t have to leave the house to get fit. If you can do it fast enough, it has a dance class feel to it. Many women can resonate with a workout better when it has such a feel to it.

Simply put, whether you’re male or female, you will like this workout because you can do it at home, and it has a lean muscle focus.

Do at least 2-3 sets when starting out, but aim for 7 total rounds once you are fit and ready to do so.

Go for 50 seconds each rep, and rest for 10 secs between exercises.

1) Lateral Side Lunge Using a Chair

Using a chair, preferably with a back, laterally do lunges back and forth across the chair. If you need the support of the back of the chair, use it more for support. If you are strong enough, focus on barely using the back of the chair. Use it just for balance.

2) 2 Low Side Lunges 1 Clean and Press

Keep low and don’t let your knees go past your toes, as you lunge laterally across 10 yards of space. Perform to low side lunges, then press your dumbbell or sandbag into the air.

3) Touch Downs

Shuffle back and forth in place, while staying low with your back straight and butt out. Do a cherry picking motion with the hand of your lead leg.

4) Low squat to Medium squat to Full squat

Using a dumbbell or sandbag, you’re going to do 9 squats. 3 where you get down low, and just move up slightly. 3 where you are in a half squat, and you just move higher. and then 3 full squats. If you are using a weight, make sure to pick it up with your legs in focus, not your back.

If you can’t do anymore of an exercise, stop using the weights. Just use your body weight to finish the job.

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