HIIT Workout Videos #2

HIIT Exercise Vidoes

HIIT Workout Videos #2

HIIT workout videos will pack a punch into your workout routine. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a mix of cardio bursts and body/weight exercises. Combining these two forms of exercise shocks your body into higher performance.

By shocking your body into high intensity intervals, you burn more fat. The weight training, done at a fast pace, will provide your body with lean gains. Follow along with the HIIT workout video below.

Go hard, performing each interval for 50 seconds. Do the HIIT workout videos 3 times in a row for optimal results. Break 1 minute between watching the video again.

HIIT Exercise Videos

HIIT Workout Video Routine

This HIIT workout routine includes the following exercises done for 50 second intervals:

1/2 Burpee + Tuck Jump

Try to go as fast as possible, while keeping proper form. Keep your legs straight when you go down into the burpee. Then, quickly spring forward. Keep your abs tight during the burpee. Immediately, jump up, and either throw your arms into the air, or slap your quads.

Stiff-Legged Deadlift + Dumbbell Row

If the deadlifts or rows aren’t very difficult, try adding weight. If they’re too hard, drop weight. Make sure to keep your legs stiff during the deadlifts. Then, buckle them a bit and hunch over to perform the row. Make sure you use your back muscles for the row exercise.

One-Legged Staggered Pushups

If you can use only one leg for these staggered pushups. Push down and back up. Then, switch the position of your arms and legs. Go down, power through, for 50 seconds. As a modification, you can raise your legs on an elevated position. For example, at home,  you can use a bed, chair, or couch. Putting your legs at an incline, will put more focus on your chest, and less on your abs.

2 Reverse Crunches + 2 Bicycle Crunches

Start, by performing 2 Reverse Crunches. Then, do 2 bicycle crunches. Keep your arms at your side, palms facing down, or out at your side like in the video. After doing 2 reverse crunches, move on to bicycle crunches. Try to get as close as you can, to having your knee touch your elbow. Keep your abs tight as your curl up, and relax on the way down.

1/2 Burpee + Dumbbell/Kettlebell Swings

Again, you start with a half burpee. Keep your legs straight, when you go parallel to the ground. Come back to starting position. Then, pick up a dumbbell, kettlebell or other weighted object. You simple want to perform a kettlebell swing with whatever you got around the house.

Since this workout uses just your body weight, and small weights if you have them, you can do this workout anywhere. Once you have mastered your form and remember the routine, you can do this workout anywhere. It is especially a great at-home workout.

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