Halle Berry Workout & Diet: How To Impress Oprah

Halle Berry Workout Wednesday Routine

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Halle Berry Workout Friday Routine

If you have time, feel free to increase your cardio at the end to 30 minutes. Harley Pasternak says that he increased Halle Berry’s workouts when she had enough time. Also, when it was time to put on her catsuit, they made sure to increase her cardio to 30 minutes (at the end of each workout).

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Halle Berry Diet

Harley Pasternak, Halle Berry’s trainer, prepared 5 small meals for her each day. This took into consideration that she is diabetic. Instead of trying to limit her calories by not eating, she eats 5 small meals per day. As a diabetic, it’s important for Halle Berry to eat all day. Use small meals, full of energizing nutrition.

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For Breakfast, Halle Berry would eat 5 Factor meals like:

As a snack, Halle Berry would eat snacks from the 5 Factor menu including:

For Dinner, Halle Berry would eat 5 Factor meals like:

Regarding the Hally Berry Diet, Harley Pasternak says,

For the diet, there was breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snacks, which was based on the grazing versus gorging theory. So, five workouts, with five phases and five meals a day. And then, on set, there wasn’t a lot of time to prepare meals, so all the recipes take about five minutes with five ingredients.

Halle Berry Workout Results: Catwoman

Here are a couple videos illustrating the Halle Berry Workout Results: Catwoman

Halle Berry Workout Secrets

The secret to the 5-Factor system is simplicity. You can have a crazy workout that leaves you exhausted beyond belief. But, are you going to continue doing it? The secret to the Halle Berry workout is that by keeping it simple, you keep doing your workout.

The way the brain works, you’re going to go the path of least resistance over time. This means that you will likely bargain with yourself, reducing the frequency of your activity, until you decide to not workout anymore at all.

The harder the workout, the more you might think about quitting. Sure, the workouts aren’t easy. But they don’t make you want to quit, either. And long-term, that’s the point. Finding a workout routine that you will stick to is as simple as keeping it simple.

5-Factor Fitness: Secret of Hollywood’s A-List

5-Factor Fitness is the secret behind the bodies of Hollywood’s A-List. Trainer Harley Pasternak leverages the idea that everything should be easy to do. Keeping it simple is the key to everything.

Putting the number 5 into all aspects of their day, Harley Pasternak is able to get celebrities to stick to their fitness plans. You do 5 workouts per week, 5 exercises a day, 5 meals a day, each with 5 ingredients, and only 5 minutes of cook prep per recipe.

Oprah loved the Halle Berry 5-factor workout so much, that she asked Harley Pasternak to write a book about it. It details the different exercises that you do on the 5 Factor workout:

5 Factor Fitness: The Diet & Fitness Secret of Hollywood's A-List

Interested in learning more about Halle Berry’s trainer and 5-Factor Fitness?

Get Harley Pasternak’s book: The 5-Factor Fitness: The Diet & Fitness Secret of Hollywood’s A-List (on Amazon).

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