Gwen Stefani Workout & Diet: “Workout Like A Man”

Gwen Stefani Arms and Back

Gwen Stefani is constantly working her arms and back. Gunnar Peterson is famous for saying:

When you work the shoulders, back, and upper arms, you make her waistline look thin.

gwen stefani arms

Gwen Stefani Abs

Gwen Stefani’s waistline is definitely thin. Gwen works her core in different ways throughout her exercises. Gunnar Peterson makes sure to work the celebrities core throughout all the workouts. It is important not only for everyday function, but for getting the six pack that everyone wants.

gwen stefani abs

Gwen Stefani Legs

Gwen Stefani never stops moving during a concert. This means she needs to have strong legs. Gunnar makes sure to alternate squat and lunge workouts. In a recent poll, most respondents wanted Gwen Stefani’s legs.

Gwen Stefani Legs workout

Gwen Stefani Diet Plan

Gwen Stefani’s diet plan is usually vegan, though she doesn’t stick to it 100%. Her list of demands for concerts include lots of Vitamin water, tea, fruit and vegetables. She says that:

I’d like to have no rules and eat what I want, but I’ve learned over the years that I’m so disappointed when I can’t wear the clothes I want to wear.

Gwen Stefani likes to eat:

  • whole foods
  • organic foods
  • locally grown
  • vegan
  • fruit (berries, melons, tropical fruits)
  • vegetables (cucumbers, beets, carrots, spinach)
  • soy milk
  • nuts

Gwen Stefani’s trainer, Gunnar Peterson, also has a specific diet routine for her. He says you have to cut down on foods that force your body retain water. It’s hard to get muscle definition and curves, if you retain water. He says foods that make your body retain water include:

  • salt
  • wheat
  • pastas
  • oatmeal
  • potatoes
  • rice

Gwen Stefani on the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar:

Gwen Doing Push-ups On Stage:

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