Gwen Stefani Workout & Diet: “Workout Like A Man”

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Gwen Stefani Workout: Workout Like A Man

The Gwen Stefani Workout is not like one that most female celebrities perform. Gwen Stefani likes to workout just like a man, she says. She recently said she doesn’t care for yoga or Pilates, but prefers traditionally male oriented weightlifting and boxing.

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Turning 43 in October, Gwen Stefani’s physique is truly amazing. She showed it off, recently, when she stirred controversy by exploiting Native American stereotypes. Gwen Stefani has a routine that she usually sticks to, but can be spontaneous with her workouts at times. The Gwen Stefani workout is about doing high-intensity cardio moves, often with dumbbells or medicine balls.

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Gwen Stefani is known to get her family involved in her workouts. Also, during concerts, she will even drop down and do random sets of pushups. Unlike many celebrities, Gwen likes to stick to the Olympic lifts. Her trainer, Gunnar Peterson, has incorporated higher intensity, lower resistance training into her workouts. Gwen Stefani says:

I’m not into yoga or Pilates. They don’t work for me, and I don’t have the patience. I’m more like a man: I like going to the gym and lifting weights or doing a little boxing.

Gwen Stefani Personal Trainer: Gunnar Peterson

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Gwen Stefani tapped celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. Gunnar also works out with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, Angelina Jolie and Bruce Willis. Regarding his workouts with Gwen Stefani, Gunnar says his job is to:

Focus on cardio that uses your whole body to challenge more muscles and burn extra calories in less time. [Make sure] it’s easy on the joints and works every muscle.

Gwen Stefani also works out with another trainer, Mike Heatlie. He champions the idea of chaining different exercises together for best results. He says the Gwen Stefani is the hardest working person that he has ever worked with. There is no magic pill that celebrities take to lose weight, rather:

Dramatic changes can be seen in the vast majority of people who can dedicate themselves to training and dieting. The issue is not necessarily time, it’s quality, or intensity.

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The workouts are designed to consist of short, but very intense circuits of exercises repeated over and over. This keeps the heart pumping, and the calories burning for an extended period of time.

Gwen Stefani Workout Routine

The key to Gwen Stefani workout is to develop compound movement exercises. Compound movements involve activating more than one joint per exercise. Squats and lunges are great examples, where you are working the legs and hips at the same time. Gwen Stefani told Elle Magazine:

I work out five days a week, I can’t imagine not doing it. And if I let myself down, appear on stage when I’m not looking my best, its just not fun for me.

So, here’s the Gwen Stefani Workout:

Gwen Stefani Workout Monday = Squats & Back

Gwen Stefani’s workout for Monday includes squats for her legs, followed by back and abs exercises.

Gwen Stefani Workout Tuesday = Lunges & Upper Body

Gwen Stefani’s workout for Tuesday includes lunges and other exercises for for her lower body. Then, she finishes with upper body exercises.

Gwen Stefani Workout Wednesday = Squats & Back

Gwen Stefani’s workout for Wednesday includes squats for her legs, followed by back and abs exercises.

Gwen Stefani Workout Thursday = Lunges & Upper Body

Gwen Stefani’s workout for Thrusday includes lunges, abs and upper body exercises.

Gwen Stefani Workout Friday = Squats & Back

Gwen Stefani’s workout for Friday includes squats for her legs. Gwen follows this with back and abs exercises.

Gwen Stefani uses medicine balls so that she is working her abs, while also working her upper body. If you like working with medicine balls, try the medicine ball workout.