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Get That V-Shape: The Rock’s Back Workout


Get That V-Shape with The Rock’s Back Workout. Dwayne Johnson shares his workout routines on Twitter and Instagram. His back and abs routine is typically done on Thursdays. The Rock says his workouts vary. It all depends on the movie role he is going to play. In 2016, Johnson used this back & abs workout to get in shape for Ballers, Baywatch, Fast & Furious 8 and Rampage.

To get a massive V-Shaped back, The Rock gives his Instagram followers 2 pieces of advice. Johnson says the secret to big lats is high volume (high reps), plus going heavy.

Get That V-Shape

The Rock tries to get in 4 sets of 15 reps for each exercise. Even at this high rep range, Johnson tries to go as heavy as he can. Because your back is such a huge group of muscles, it needs a lot of reps. Still, getting that V-Shape comes form lifting as much as you possibly can. (Remember: Only use safe technique).

The Rock’s Back Workout & Abs Routine

The Rock’s Back Workout delivers a V-Shaped body. Here’s The Rock’s Back & Abs Routine:

V-Shape Workout Variations

In a crowded gym, you may not always have access to the machines/equipment you need. Since it’s vital to get in the reps/exercises, here are some V-Shape Workout variations. Use variations if someone’s on the machine you need, or to add some variety to your back workout.


If you can’t do Pull-Ups using your own weight, there is usually a dip machine available. It doubles as a pull-up machine. So, that is your best bet in a standard gym. You can also ask a buddy to “hold your legs.” The best point is at the shin. This will provide the support you need. And if you’re having trouble getting all the reps done, remember one important thing: The Rock thinks of Pull-Ups as merely a warm-up. The real workout is just about to begin.

Lat Pulldowns

Lat Pull-Downs are a great way to work the largest area of your back. They’re a real sculptor. When it comes to alternatives, there are few exercises that work just as good. This is because Lat Pulldowns allow you to work with such a heavy amount of weight.

Still, Barbell Pullovers / Lying Chest Overhead Extensions / Battle Rope Snakes work the area as well. Pull-Ups, above, and One-Arm DB Rows, below, are two alternatives. Add more reps/weight to these exercises if you can. The Rock shows you how to get a V-Shape with this Instagram post of Seated Rows.

Get A V-Shape Like The Rock

T-Bar Rows

If you don’t have access to a T-Bar, or want to change this exercise up a bit, there are some variations. T-Bar rows affect the lower back. So, lower back exercise alternatives include: Good Mornings / Barbell Deadlifts / Barbell Good Mornings / Bent-Over Rows.

Heavy BB Shrugs

Heavy BB Shrugs can also be done using a cable, pulley or dumbbells. The key to this exercise, which works the traps, is safety. Make sure to feel the burn in your traps. Don’t look straight down, or too high up. Instead, try to keep your eyes forward. Some alternatives for traps include: Dumbbell Shrugs (not pictured) / Cable Shrugs / Lying Plate Resistance / Bent-Over Rear-Delt Raises / Smith Machine Presses (reverse your grip as much as you can).

The Rock Baywatch

In 2016, The Rock used Hany Rambod as his trainer. Rambod is famous for training many weightlifting champions. The Rock had to get in shape for all the movies he was going to be a part of. The Rock talks about his trainer on Instagram:

In the case of training for these roles – I appreciate my strength and conditioning coach @hanyrambod’s sharp attention to detail and structuring the balance of hard core training with smart diet and conditioning. My daily 4am wake ups are a hard core bi$ch, but any success worth you and I working extremely hard for will always be worth having in the end. Especially if you want to be the #1 top dog in your business.

For Baywatch, The Rock worked on many parts of his body, including his traps. Here’s The Rock on the set of Baywatch, pictured here with Zac Efron.

The Rock Baywatch

On Instagram, The Rock talks about Baywatch and his 2016 schedule:

Our 2016 shooting schedule is a grueling 12months straight of filming (Ballers, Baywatch, Fast & Furious 8 and the big one, Rampage) it requires me putting together a team of professionals from all areas of business who bring their own expertise to the table.

The Rock Abs Baywatch

Showing off his abs in this pic, The Rock on Instagram, says:

King of the beach. While secretly my mind says ‘I’d really love tequila and a fruity snack.’ This look will be plastered all over the world. #Baywatch.

To Help You Get V-Shaped, Print/Download The Rock Back & Abs Workout Here: The Rock Back & Abs Workout.

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Get V Shape Like The Rock


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      • It’s all over his Instagram he shows him doing reps with Twight at gym Jones. Looks like he does alot of pull ups. Also the guy that plays Captain Boomerang is super rip any chance u know his workout?

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