Gerard Butler 300 Workout & Diet: How He Got A Spartan Physique

Gerard Butler 300 Workout

The Gerard Butler 300 Workout and diet is a 5-6 day routine. The workout focuses on olympic lifts, functional training, and metabolic body movements. The Gerard Butler 300 workout was designed by Mark Twight, a record holding mountain climber and lead personal trainer of Gym Jones in Salt Lake City, Utah.

gerard butler 300 workout

Gerard Butler says:

I wanted to look really strong. I’ve seen so many actors play these kinds of roles, and you see all this equipment on either a big belly or skinny little arms.

gerard butler 300 arms shoulders
To become King Leonidas, Gerard Butler spent 4 months training to get in shape. The King of Sparta says that in order to get a warrior’s body, it was essential to get a warrior’s mentality. After the intense workouts, Gerard Butler would often feel queasy. This made the the mental aspect as important as the physical.

Gerard Butler 300 Workout Routine

Sources for the Gerard Butler 300 Workout Routine include:

Gerard Butler Monday Workout Routine

The Gym Jones team that supervised the Gerard Butler 300 workout had them train twice a day.

Clean 102 per set0 secsOne Superset combo Superset #1
Squat105 per set1 minevery 30 secs for 5 mins Superset #1
Heavy Front Squat551 min70-75% of max
Box Step-up61030 secsuse DB's if you can10 reps each leg
Frog Hops4202 min Superset #2
Bear Crawl440meach set 40m = about 43 yards Superset #2
Turkish Get-Ups32030 secs300 crew used a barbell

1st workout: (Same as table above, described in detail)

Gym Jones manager, Rob “Maximus” MacDonald says:

When there are psychological changes, the physical changes will fall into place. If you can teach someone’s mind to be strong, then it is easy to teach the body to be strong. The first and most important point of our philosophy is that The Mind is Primary.

2nd workout:

Cardio10 mins0 secs
Bench Press6101 min300 crew used 225 to start
Military Push Press4121 min70-75% of max
Arnold Press2251 minuse Dumbbells
Hammer Curls2251 minuse Dumbbells

(Same as table above, described in detail)

Cardio Circuit

Gerard Butler 300 Workout Tuesday Routine

One goal of the 300 workout routine, according to trainer Mark Twight, was to:

Turn them into a gang, a unified force whose trust and belief in one another would be obvious on the screen.

1st workout:

Push Press (Barbell)3201 min
Burpee Pull-up3201 minor to failure
Push Press (Barbell)3101 mintry to use heavier weight than 1st 3 sets
Burpee Pull-up3121 minor to failure10 reps each leg
Tire Flips340m1 minsee video40m = 43 yards
Wall Ball350see explanation below
Ball Slam350see explanation below

Upper Body: (Same as table above, described in detail)

  • 20 Push Press (Barbell)
  • 20 Burpee Pull-up
  • 10 Push Press (Barbell)
  • 12 Burpee Pull-up
  • 40m Tire Flips (see video below)
  • 50-50-50x Wall Ball @ 20lb.(9kg.) Medicine Ball Relay: (They broke the guys down into teams of 3) Player 1 does 50x Wall Ball, Player 2 does 50x Wall Ball, Player 3 does 50x Wall Ball.
  • 50x50x50x Ball Slam @ 25lb.(11kg.) Relay: (They broke the guys down into teams of 3) P1 does 50x Ball Slam, P2 does 50x Ball Slam, P3 does 50x Ball Slam.

300 Trainer, Mark Twight, says:

Start the journey with 20x Push Press, dip the hands and knees slightly, drive the bar overhead to full extension. Once finished rack the bar and set up under the Pull-up bar to do 20x Burpee Pull-ups. After the final Pull-up, drop off the bar, grab the barbell and do 10x Push Press.

Dirty 30’s:

Dirty 30’s: (Do following 3 exercises, you have 1 minute to complete each. Use remaining time to rest. 3 sets.)

  • Sled Pulls (the 300 crew used resistance bands, sub in treadmill/wind sprints if you need)
  • Chinups (the 300 crew used rings)
  • Turkish Get-Ups (3 sets, the 300 crew used a barbell)

Dirty 30’s Instructions

1 minute for each station. Find a challenging amount of reps you can do in 50 secs. If you go fast in the following sets, you get rewarded with rest. The only rest you get is if you finish in under 1 minute. If you start to dog it, you lose that rest time. It’s psychological. Like a lot of the exercises you’d expect from a gym called Gym Jones.

Get everything done in 1 min or less. If you move fast, you get to rest. But, it gets harder as you go longer. You may find there This makes it harder to find rest time between sets.

2nd workout:

Wall Squat3530secwarmup
Squat3101 min
Goblet Squat351 min
OH Barbell Lunge32030sec
Dead Stop Back Squat221 min80% of your max
Explosive Triple Jump521 min
Box Jump430 sec30sec
Explosive Box Step460 sec30 sec
Jump Squat430 sec30 sec
KB Swings3failure1 min23kg (50lb) Kettlebell
Farmer Holds5203-5min

(Same as table above, described in detail)

300 Abs Routine:

Do 60 reps of each abs exercise (Break down into 3 sets of 20 if you have to):

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