Garrett Hedlund Workout: How To Gain Muscle & Burn Fat

Garrett Hedlund Wednesday Workout

The Garrett Hedlund Wednesday workout starts with heavy deadlifts. Then, there’s a metabolic challenge that lasts 15-20 minutes. Although there is some strength training, the key is to see how fast you can go (with proper form).

Garrett Hedlund In Tron with Co-Star Olivia Wilde Arms Legs Crossed

After the warm up (rowing for 10 minutes), Garrett performs deadlifts, then heads into the circuit training aspect of the routine.

Rowing Machine110 minWarm Up
Deadlifts38-12Go Heavy
Squat Thrusts312-15Circuit
Bear Crawls312x legCircuit
Box Jumps315Circuit
Mountain Climbers312x legCircuit
Plyo Push Ups312-15Circuit
Jump Squats315Circuit
Medicine Ball Slam320Circuit
Rowing Machine110 minCool Down

Check out the wattage that the rowing machine is putting out. For a good cardio warm up / cool down, the wattage on the machine should be equal to your lean muscle mass bodyweight.

There is no rest in between exercises when doing circuit training. Rest 1 min after you complete the entire circuit. Perform for 15 minutes.

Garrett Hedlund’s circuit training routine changes every now and then. This is to challenge his body in different ways. Former Navy SEAL, Logan Hood, who trained Garrett Hedlund while preparing him for his lead role in Tron, says:

If you don’t know what you’ll be doing when you walk into the gym, you don’t fall into a rut.

 Garrett Hedlund Thursday Workout

Getting the role in Tron, Garrett Hedlund knew he needed to bulk up fast. Garrett Hedlund’s Thursday workout builds his chest by using Push Presses. Logan Hood has Hedlund go heavy, in order to build muscle as fast as he can.

Rowing Machine110 minWarm Up
Push Press38Heavy
Bent-Over Row38Circuit
Barbell Curl38-12Circuit
Skull Crusher38-12Circuit
Farmers Walk31 minCircuit
Med Ball Side Toss312Circuit
Rowing Machine110 minCool Down

Logan Hood says they did a lot of Push Presses in order to work on Garrett Hedlund’s appearance. It’s amazing how much broader shoulders can give you a greater look, according to Hood:

He stands taller, and pulls his shoulders back and down, he looks more imposing, more heroic.

Garrett Hedlund Workout Back Helped Raise His Shoulder Posture For Tron: Legacy

When you get bigger in the right places, like the shoulders, celebrity trainer Logan Hood says there’s less of a reason to get on a scale, saying:

Body fat % doesn’t matter. It’s really about how you look.

Garrett Hedlund Friday Workout

The Garrett Hedlund Friday workout diverges from the normal workouts. Today works the abs/core more than anything. Garret does Ball Slams to work his abs. He also does Rope Pulls to work his back. The reps increase as he gets deeper into each circuit.

Bear Crawls520 yardsWarm Up
Crab Walks520 yardsWarm Up
Front Squats35Circuit
Medicine Ball Slams35Circuit
Rope Pulls35Circuit
Flat Bench Press310Circuit
Medicine Ball Slams310Circuit
Bar Dips315Circuit
Rope Pulls320Circuit
Medicine Ball Slams320Circuit
Bear Crawls320 yardsCool Down
Crab Walks320 yardsCool Down

Garrett Hedlund Abs Tron

Garrett Hedlund Workout Routine

The Garret Hedlund workout routine is meant to be done in circuit format. Circuit training means you move onto the next exercise after each set. The fitness plan Logan Hood puts in place is all about circuit training, along with a warm up and cool-down.

Personal trainer Logan Hood also added some power lifting, to bulk up Garrett Hedlund’s body. He makes sure there is a lot of intensity packed into each workout.

The purpose of circuit training is to build muscle, while burning fat. By keeping his clients heart rate up during their workouts, they burn fat and build their muscles at the same time.

In a crowded gym, it may be difficult to perform this type of circuit training. Constantly running from machine to machine may prove tough to do in your gym.

Garrett Hedlund Workout Routine

An alternative lies in doing supersets. Break down each workout routine into 2 exercises. Do at least 2 exercises back-to-back, before moving onto the next superset.

Of course, your workout routine is only as good as your diet. Logan Hood says:

If you want your abs to be visible, you first have to reduce body fat. Specific abdominal exercises aren’t very effective at doing that. You have to improve your diet before you worry about the types of exercises.

Garrett Hedlund Workout Summary

The Garrett Hedlund workout summary:

  • The Garrett Hedlund workout combines circuit training workouts with heavy lifting.
  • The goal of combining these two activities is to accomplish burning fat, while building muscle, at the same time.
  • According to trainer Logan Hood, they focused on heavy lifts like Overhead Presses, Squats, Deadlifts and Push Presses.
  • As a result of the heavy lifting, combined with the circuit training, Garrett Hedlund got a superhero body and was ready to play Sam Flynn in Tron: Legacy.

Garrett Hedlund Workout Summary Looking Sexy Hair

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