Garrett Hedlund Workout: How To Gain Muscle & Burn Fat

The Garrett Hedlund workout is about finding a way to gain muscle, while burning fat. Getting the role of Sam Flynn in Tron: Legacy, Garrett Hedlund knew he had a lot of work to do. To shape up for the part, Garrett Hedlund’s workout combines circuit training with heavy lifting.

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Garrett Hedlund Workout For Tron

Knowing he’d have to fit into a superhero-tight suit, the Garrett Hedlund workout for Tron has two goals. The goals for his workout are all about getting bigger and leaner at the same time.

Garrett Hedlund Workout For Tron Riding Fast

Garrett Hedlund knew he had to get bigger to attain the proper superhero look. He would also have to burn fat, to fit into the skin-tight suit he would have to wear. So, he tapped Navy SEAL & celebrity personal trainer, Logan Hood.

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Hood is an expert at helping celebrities gain muscle while burning fat. The combination of heavy lifting and circuit training was designed for Hedlund to get in shape for his role in Tron: Legacy. Garrett Hedlund’s personal trainer, Logan Hood, says that:

When Garrett came in, he was a little skinny and a little soft.

But, things were about to change…

Garrett Hedlund Monday Workout

Garrett Hedlund’s Monday workout starts with a warm up, then uses pyramid training. Logan Hood likes to have his clients warm up with rowing, because it one of the safest machines in the gym. (Actors can’t get injured before filming a high budget movie).

Garrett Hedlund Monday Workout Shoulders Fits Tron Suit

After the warm up, Garrett Hedlund starts the Monday workout with 3 sets of Overhead Press. His trainer makes sure to go heavy on these sets, in order to build muscle. After the warm up/heavy sets, Garrett heads into the circuit training part of the routine.

Rowing Machine10 min1 setWarm Up
Overhead Press6-83 setGo Heavy
Pushups2-->7 PyramidCircuit
Pull Ups2-->7 PyramidCircuit
Bodyweight Squats2-->7 PyramidCircuit
Stiff-LeggedDeadlifts2-->7 PyramidCircuit
Hanging Knee Raises2-->7 PyramidCircuit
Rowing Machine10 min1setCool Down

Monday’s fitness plan uses a technique where you jump up in reps each set, called Pyramid Training. Start by doing 2 reps of each exercise, then move one the next exercise in the circuit. Then, in the next round, do 3, 4, 5, 6, and finally 7 reps of each exercise in a circuit format.

So, the workout routine looks like this: 2-3-4-5-6-7 of each exercise, in circuit format. To get in superhero shape for Tron, Garrett Hedlund and his trainer, Logan Hood, did the Overhead Press to focus on building his shoulders:

We did a lot of overhead presses. Most days, he’d also squat heavy, deadlift heavy, or do heavy push presses.

Garrett Hedlund Tuesday Workout

The Garrett Hedlund Tuesday workout starts is similar to Monday’s workout. But, instead of doing a pyramid, you do a static hold for 30 seconds before the last rep of each exercise.

After 30 seconds of a hold at the most challenging part of the exercise, explode up to perform the last rep. Doing the static hold challenges the muscles in a unique, isometric way. Over time, isometric strength exercises help strengthen the body.

Rowing Machine110 min@20 strokes/min
Flat Bench Press48Static Hold: 30s
Dumbbell Chest Flys48-12Static Hold: 30s
Bar Dips48-12Static Hold: 30s
Weighted Front Squat48Static Hold: 30s
Power Cleans48Static Hold: 30s
Knee to Elbows48Static Hold: 30s
Rowing Machine110 min@20 strokes/min

Logan Hood, the Ex-Navy SEAL behind the Garrett Hedlund workout routine, started working with him while prepping for Tron. He has worked with people like Zac Efron, Jason Statham and Liam Hemsworth.

Garrett Hedlund Tuesday Workout Routine Tron Grey Jacket

Trainer Logan Hood likes to use workouts that bring the muscles close to failure, but then explode plyometrically. This means that you alternate between explosive movements, and holding the weights locked out, Logan Hood says:

The key is to move as explosively as possible after the hold.

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