Find A Workout You Enjoy: Or You May Pig Out Later

Find a workout you enjoy, or you may pig out later. Enjoying yourself is the most important aspect of your workout, according to new research. This is because if you enjoy your workout, you’re less likely to eat too many calories afterwards.

People who enjoy their workout aren’t looking for a reward later. More importantly, research shows that people tend to overeat when they don’t enjoy workout routine. Find a workout you enjoy, or you’re likely to “pig out” afterwards.

The study, based in Germany and featured in Men’s Health, theorizes that people who don’t like working need to reward themselves more afterwards. That’s what gets them to the gym in the first place.

People who like their workout have internal motivation. They like to go because they enjoy it. Those that don’t like to go to they gym require an external reward, or motivation, to get there.

External Motivation: Eating More Calories

External motivation means dreaming up a reward, as a means of persuading yourself to go to the gym. When you don’t have proper workout motivation, you treat yourself to this external reward.

The external reward is often eating too many calories–or pigging out–after your workout. The worst part is that people may not even be aware that they’re eating more. The body may be coping with stress, without the conscious brain even realizing it.

Men’s Health


Having an external stimulus, like telling yourself you can eat more after going to the gym, does more harm than good. German researcher Jorg Konigstorfer, Ph.D., author of the recent study, found that your state of mind affects how much you eat after a workout. Those who do a workout they enjoy only eat 131 calories (on average) after a workout. Those that are unhappy during a workout, ate 262 calories (double the average).

External vs. Internal Reward Systems

This is due to people having external vs. internal reward systems. People who have found a workout they enjoy don’t need an external reward. They enjoy doing the workout for it’s own sake. But, people who aren’t happy with their current workout routine have a much higher need for an external reward (like food).

Convincing yourself to workout, without being internally motivated, means your much likely to splurge afterwards. This means that they key to finding a workout you enjoy revolves around your workout motivation.

The Key To Finding A Good Workout: Motivation

The key to finding a good workout is motivation. What type of exercise are you inherently motivated to do? Finding what you enjoy doing is the key to finding a good workout for you. Thinking about your workout goals also comes into play.

Some people like Pilates because it works their butt and core. Others enjoy simply doing anything, as long as they are outdoors. Popular fitness videos like P90X, Insanity, and Turbofire motivate you with a charismatic trainer, who will help you get you moving. Whether on DVD or in person, a personal trainer is a sure-fire way to help you stay motivated to work out.


For long-term success, it’s important to find a workout you enjoy. Such a workout provides the motivation for you to stick to your plan. And that’s the key, you want to find something that you can enjoy. Once you feel you can keep doing your workout repetitively, you know you have found the right workout for you.

For some people, going to workout classes adds an important social element. Being around other people reinforces your desire to go back there and do it again. For some, finding workout bliss may be something as simple as yoga.

For others, only doing something fast-paced for maximum efficiency will do. In this very vein of thinking, HIIT workouts continue to shine in popularity both among fitness enthusiasts, and fitness research scientists, as well.

Figuring Out Your Goals

Figuring out your goals is an important step in finding long-term workout success. These goals come down to deciding if you want to:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Build Muscle
  3. Increase Endurance

Many will look at this list and say:

I want all three. I want to lose weight, while building muscle, and increasing my endurance.

Although many people are looking for a combination of the above list, it is hard for our bodies to adapt multiple ways at once. If you are looking to lose weight, then it may be hard to build muscle.


Likewise, it may be hard to train for a marathon if you’re in the gym hitting the weights hard every leg day. Thus, It is a better idea to stick to one, or possibly two of these. At Pop Workouts, you can use your favorite celebrities’ workout routine to help you gain the workout motivation you need.

Lose Weight

If your primary goal is to lose weight, make sure you’re doing a workout that focuses on fat-burning. Changing up your routine from a slow to medium pace workout, to a fat-burning 15 minute HIIT workout may prove to be helpful. Or, you can turn to a popular trainer and try Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred or Jillian Michaels Workouts: 6 Weeks to Six-Pack Abs.


To lose weight, you have to have a proper diet. There’s simply no way to out-run your own fork. Check out the Pop Workouts Diet Category to get the latest scoop on the diets celebrities are currently using to lose weight. The Diet section focuses on helping you get the celebrity body that you’ve always wanted. There, you can get the best diet secrets from the latest interviews of celebrities and their nutritionists.

Build Muscle

For those looking to build muscle, take a look at the Muscle Building Workout Section. Also, check out some of the top celebrity workout routines. The Rock Workout & Diet, The Wolverine Workout and The Gerard Butler Workout For 300 are always among the most popular workouts to build muscle.

The Rock Arms and Abs Workout

To build muscle, you have to take in more calories than you consume. This is another reason to look at celebrity diets to see how they eat to lose weight or build muscle. The Magic Mike Workout: How Joe Manganiello Got A Six-Pack is a great place to learn how to build muscle while getting lean.

Increase Endurance

To increase endurance, you can take advantage of cool new apps or use the traditional approach of picking up a running buddy. The Couch to 5K is a popular running routine to help you not only get off the couch, but increase your endurance. However you get it done, running just 5 minutes a day helps prevent heart attacks.

Picking up a running buddy might be a traditional approach, but also a very important one. Like going to a class, having a running buddy motivates you to show up to avoid letting the other person down. If they’re more advanced than you, it provides an added challenge. Runner’s World has some advice on how to pick the right running partner.

Find A Workout You Enjoy: Videos

So, to find a workout you enjoy, you first should decide on your primary goal. Figuring out your primary goal, and devising a plan around that is an important step. The research study (above) found that a primary goal like “burning fat,” “losing weight,” “building muscle,” or “increasing endurance” is a much better strategy than focusing on a short-term reward (like a cheat meal after your workout).

Here are a few “Find A Workout You Enjoy” videos to help you on your path to finding the right workout (and motivation) for you.

Tony Horton on Staying Motivated:

Tony Horton says working out is about your mind and soul. Do the right thing so your life is filled with happiness, joy and adventure. Tony Horton’s 6 rules for staying motivated:

  1. Find the Reason “Why”
  2. Find Your Inspiration
  3. You Are The Company You Keep
  4. Say Yes!
  5. Set Reasonable Goals
  6. Reward Your Progress

Strength Camp With Elliot talks about finding motivation to workout (when you don’t feel like it):

Skip to 2:35 for Elliot’s answer about “Turning Your Brain Off.” Getting a structured plan is important for staying motivated.

Alisha Marie talks about Fitness Motivation to Workout here:

Skip to 1:43 to hear Alisha Marie’s list of Workout Motivation tips:

  1. Get DIY Inspirational Quotes from Pinterest
  2. Keep A Journal – How You’re Feeling
  3. Take Progress Pictures
  4. Follow Fitness Blogs
  5. Workout In Cute Clothes

Trick Yourself Into Finding Workout Motivation:

Alexander Heyne reinforces the study above by talking about extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation. In the video, Heyne says it’s important not to build up on exercises you hate. Build positive experiences, create a workout you enjoy:

If you use extrinsic rewards too much, it may weaken your intrinsic motivation…If you have an internal locus of control, you feel like life and health is in your control…It’s about knowing you can follow through.

He goes on to say that you have to believe you are in control.

You are in control. If you have the belief that you won’t be successful you won’t be. It is absolutely crucial that you understand you are in control of everything.


Finding Time To Workout:

Finally, make sure you find the time to workout. As one fitness trainer once said:

If you don’t make the time to work out, it ain’t gonna get done…If you really want to do something you’ve got to set aside the time to get it done.


  1. I work out and pig out at the same time but I do both in moderation of course. I have a medium built body type so I work out and do exercises at my own pace. I dont really force myself too much but I make sure I exercise.

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